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Posted by Maureen on October 9, 2002 at 20:41:48:

In reply to: A bit off subject but relevant posted by Steph on October 8, 2002 at 22:04:33:

Hi Steph,

It sounds trite these days because it is stated so frequently, but if
you are considering going into any business, the one factor that is
vital is that you absolutely LOVE your product or service that you
will provide. You can learn the rest and get help with the rest.
But only you can bring the passion fueled by love of it that will get
you through. Nothing will get you through the days and nights
without sleep, the frustrations, the false starts other than you own
love for what you are doing. This is what will drive you to do the
parts that are not fun and allow you to make the sacrefices that will
be required of you.

It is vital that you have the support systems around you that make it
possible for you to commit time, finance and energy to your
business. You have to be able to get through that period of time
when more money is going out than is coming in. Everybody wants to
make a profit. However, most people here and anywhere else who are
running their own business will tell you that profit comes down the
line. Sometimes, waaaaaaaaay down the line. The time you are
accustomed to spending with family and friends will just not be there
for you for awhile. I know people who have been in business for
years and that time spent keeping the business afloat has the
potential to take a serious toll on those special relationships. You
also have to have an emotional, mental and physical energy reserve to
get into business and to stay in business. You also have to
something outside of the business that refuels you during when you
have moments to spend doing something else not business related.

I have found the people I consider to be the most successful in their
business to possess excellent time management skills, people skills
and expertise in some vital aspect of their business.

The next thing I find essential is that you have a vision for your
business...a vision of what you want to do, how you want to do it,
where you see your business in one year...two years...five years and
ultimately. Getting into business is actually the easy part.
Knowing where you want to take it and how is essential.

In deciding what you want to do requires that you see a need for what
you for your product and/or service...then know how you are going to
go about developing your own niche. You have to know what your
competition is doing. If you can recognize a need in product or
service deliver that is not being met by anyone else, go about
filling that need.

It can't be said often enough that location...location...location is
the key to positive outcome in your business. If you have a physical
location, you have to be in a place where people can find you
easily. If you are on the internet, more important than having a
website is making sure that people can find you on the website.
Today that includes the search engines but requires more than just
the search engines.

One thing I suggest and find that works when developing a business
plan is to write down your vision...your goals...your objectives.
Then work backwards from there. Determine what all the factors are
that are necessary to accomplish the goals and objectives and
actualize your vision. Make a list and keep it. Then work backwards
again from that list and determine what are the things you will need
to have and obtain inorder to accomplish those things. Then work
backwards again...and again...until you have a list of tasks, skills
and resources that make up all of the things needed to get to the
ultimate vision, goals and objectives.

While I warn against talking out all of your energy...that is such a
trap...I also suggest putting your dream into words. Talk to people
who can help you...people who can share advice. I found other
business people to be extremely helpful when they think that you are
serious. But I find business people can also be very impatient with
you if they think that you are wasting their time and just pounding
words up against their ears and not taking any action to fulfill your
own dream.

Perhaps the hardest step is the first one. You nor anyone else can
guarantee the success of your business. There are soooo many factors
outside of your control. But there are factors that you can
control. Choose one and begin to work on it. Building your business
is like building something with building blocks. Your business has
to be built on something solid...your skills, finances, need, vision,
feasiiblity and know how. It will take some combination of these
things to both get your business launched and viable.

Be prepared to get bored, frustrated, embarrassed, insulted,
threatened as well as excited, energized, praised, complimented and
supported. Be prepared to consider throwing up your hands one day
and wondering what you could have possibly been thinking about the
next. Be prepared to give up all of the security of a regular job if
you go into your business full time...but you can also prepare
yourself to enjoy your freedom and the ability to set your own pace,
make your own decisions and control in many ways the money you will

Beyond these things, I recommend going to the bookstore and picking
up a bunch of books on starting your own business. Read them
thoroughly and then read them again. These books are great for
helping you to think through whether or not you have what it takes to
start your own business at this time...some other time...never.

You didn't mention exactly what business you are interested in...what
aspect of that particular business. Most of the people here came to
henna/mehndi differently. Most bring something unique to their
business. Even business that appear very similar are actually quite
different in what they offer and how they offer it. You want to
decide what it is that you bring that will make your business unique
and not just a duplication of what others are already doing.
Especially if they have a track record and are capable of doing it
better than you would be. That is why it is so important that you
bring your own uniqueness and unique vision to your business. No one
can do you as well as you can. When you identify this thing, then
you will be able to answer the one question that you will be asked
over and over again..."What makes your business, service, product
different from what is being offered by others?" You need to know
the answer to that.

Just some thoughts.



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