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Posted by Maureen on October 11, 2002 at 21:31:19:

In reply to: 110 people sent samples. posted by Catherine Cartwright Jones on October 11, 2002 at 20:26:31:


You told me in your email that one person sent you a JAM Pack.
Please clarify. Was it one person as you said, or 110 people as the
subject areas says or 10 people as you are now saying below. I am
refering to my henna powders.

: 10 people sent samples.

Why do you continue to assume that no one else is looking? That
amazes me that you would think that even to be possible. I am sure
you know that you are not the only person looking at henna powders.
I am sure that you know that suppliers are INDEED looking at and
assessing their henna powders. You know that that is not the point.

: The only possible answer to "what's in the henna?" ... is to GO LOOK

There are many ways to look and assess and take action. Long before
these lists this looking and assessment and takine of action has been
going on. Long after the list responsible people will do what they
need to do to improve their products. What makes you insist upon
this one way? Especially since going about it this one way has
raised serious questions concerning the process and therefore the
outcome. I am never going to get caught up in proving a negative. I
intend to continue to move forward. It is problematic to have to go
backwards and address problems you state you found in powders you
obtain in ways that does not protect the integrity of the with things posed as "revealed" that have been
articulated, widely shared...and solved. I have to keep moving

I would truly love to support what you are doing. I do understand
your vision of this. But you are yet to own up to the problems with
the methodology. To participate in any part of this would be to
ignore the problems inherent. You and I are not going to act "as if"
that problem does not exist. It needs to be acknowledged and
remedied. It is as serious a problem with this research as loads of
dye would be in a henna powder. Some people will want to ignore the
problem and some people will want to get rid of the problem.

I want to see a viable plan for reliable collection of samples since
it is those samples from which data is collected for a data base.
Maintaining a database creates all sorts of problem in terms of
maintaining the integrity of the data input. This is just one. This
is just the beginning...the "start" as people are saying. How
important is it to get the start right before proceeding? I'm not
moving to next steps until first steps with this process is sured

As long as you have not cared to know and acknowledge what suppliers
have done with regards to the quality of their henna long
as you have no idea what I have can not tell me, "
CAN look closer..." You don't know what has already been done. You
are assuming that have built nowhere in what you are doing a way for
you to find that out. That is what continues to make these list
obsolete before they come out. They are not timely and they are not

For the first list you said your methods were necessary because
suppliers and exportes might "doctor" their henna powders. For this
list you imply that suppliers and exporters are cheats. You don't
really know the LEAST or the MOST of what I have done with my henna
powders. You should keep that in mind as you are telling people what
they should do. It really is necessary to know what help is needed
when providing help. It is really necessary to know that people you
are helping do indeed have something going for them...some
strengths...some know how. It is really necessary not to split
people by labeling the motivation, or character of any one group of
people when there is no evidence that those labels are true.


: All of us have looked at a dozen henna powders and seen very little
: difference to the naked eye. You CAN look closer. AT LEAST put
: hennas between two sheets of glass and get a jewelers loupe at 15x
: start looking! What's useful about the IntelPlay is we can SHOW
: other what we're seeing.


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