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Posted by Maureen on October 12, 2002 at 02:41:11:

In reply to: This is getting ridiculous! posted by txilar on October 11, 2002 at 22:34:29:

Hi Txilar,

If you think that the role that suppliers play to get a decent henna
powder to offer is to order some henna powder, put it on the website
or shelf and let it rip, you misunderstand what some suppliers
actually do. I am not speaking for all suppliers. I can only speak
for what I know that I do. There are batches tossed. There is
feedback and more feedback and more feedback given and testing done
and batches abandoned and then...if one is lucky and blessed with an
exporter who cares as much as I do...then I have a henna powder I can
sell. Not all need all of that. Not all ever make it. But don't
minimalize the amount of work that goes into getting the henna powder
that finally gets selected and offered. Just a seller...sometimes.
But sometimes quality control expert for my little enterprise.
Sometime trusted partner with the exporter. These assumptions amaze
me. Did I grow it...naaaaaaw!!! But was I there in the
transformation of the powder from something unacceptible to something
I am proud of....yes!!!

The one thing that you didn't mention about that test of the ice
cream was how the testers/researchers controlled for reliability of
the sample. You see, if they had not, I am sure that those store
owners would have had a lot to say. Even though they are just
sellers of the ice cream.

When the statement is made that dye put into henna powder it is
indeed relevant to determine if the dye in the particular henna
powder that I would be providing feedback concerning is harmful or
not. No I don't want dye either. But if the dye in the powder
someone sent to me is not a harmful one, I am going to say take it
out. If the dye is harmful one, I am not giving that person a chance
to send me anymore henna powder period. What is relevant or not so
often depends on where you sit and what your personal responsibility
is or is not.


: I can completely understand someone, anyone wanting to defend their
: product. Please do not misunderstand that. And I also understand
: there are many, many issues playing here, so I'm not speaking
: directly to the original issue brought up by Noli- that Catherine's
: Mazaya is not his. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't; I don't know and
: not qualified to say.
: I'm speaking of other issues. I read Organic Style and just a few
: issues ago they did a sampling of some organic ice cream. They had
: page or two dedicated to giving each a grade based on taste,
: how well they stuck to the organic claim and so on. It was quite
: informative and helpful as to what ice cream had what flavour and
: texture according to the admittedly flavour biased opinions of
: tasting them. (Taste- very biased, far more so than a microscope,
: which, as I understand it, has no rationalising or comprehension
: capabilities whatsoever) What I could see was a manufacturer
: complaining that the batch didn't meet specs or some such, I could
: comprehend a manufacturer caring about those issues. What I would
: expect to see is a store that sells that product complaining about
: the results of a taste test for a product that they don't create.
: Come on, not one single supplier here in the states, let alone this
: forum, harvests, packages, and exports "their" henna. You stand
: behind its name, yes, and I can understand the emotional attachment
: to your product, really, I can. What I do not understand is the
: negative reaction to Catherine's work here (jeez, imagine if
: else had done this).
: This isn't based on samples, where she got them, who's they really
: are or anything like that- this is about her looking at these
: samples, WHEREVER they come from and giving a three criterion
: breakdown of what a sample is or is not, what it has or has not and
: how it reacts to a .3 tip. What is so damning about her looking at
: these powders from an artists usability standpoint? Even good
: watercolour companies rate their own products as to how well the
: product stands up to certain issues and holds up over time and
: they even tell you what is in the product to boot. I believe they
: under regulations to do so. While henna is not under such
: and we should probably keep it that way, we have an obligation to
: art, the health of ourselves and clients to make sure that it is
: it says it is. We are under obligation to self regulate, since we
: don't have any other way to guarantee that our money (sellers and
: consumers) goes to a product that is what it states it is. Why is
: that sellers, yes, mere sellers of a product don't seem to be that
: interested in their product, only its name?
: Me, I'm concerned about the issue of a dye in my henna. When I say
: want 100% pure, natural unadulterated henna, I mean, damn! I don't
: want anything else! I am not saying I want PPD free henna, no, that
: isn't good enough, I want it ONE FREAKING HUNDRED PERCENT PURE
: NATURAL NO DYE OF ANY TYPE henna. That is what I pay for, that is
: what I want.
: Are any one of you on this forum ready to say that if you were
: tea and CCJ (or me or Faerie Ring, you know the science types!)
: looked into it and found out that you weren't getting that fine
: quality tea you were paying for, but something dyed to look fresh
: containing ANY content of grit (sand, dirt, twigs, other plants,
: whatever, just not your tea)- that you would complain to the person
: who found this out, NOT the manufacturer?? If so, then I would
: that there are concerns here about something other than henna and
: henna's quality. Dyes are UNnecessary and possibly harmful. And
: if it's chlorophyll, maybe it isn't harmless, but you know what?
: Henna coloured with chlorophyll is not 100% pure henna and anyone
: tells you it is, is lying. Henna coloured with something
: potentionally dangerous is doing something worse: endangering
: themselves and the users. Who is ready to live with that? Me, I'll
: take my henna DYE FREE and GRIT FREE and OTHER PLANT FREE. I want a
: henna that performs well, but I want it to be HENNA. Nothing else.
: Disclaimer, I'm not speaking to ANYONE in particular, I'm just
: from what I have read. Please, no one should read this as a
: note to/for/against anyone. I'm speaking about the issues here. We
: all agree black henna is bad, why on earth do we seem to think dyed
: green henna is okay, when we don't even know what the dye is, but
: have some tentative hypothesis that it is something not good? I
: recall years ago when there were people on this forum who were all
: supportive of black henna and I read back and forth arguments about
: the issue. Is this the new henna schism? Let's put this focus where
: it belongs, people exporting henna that is dyed and not pure henna.
: No one knew before now; now, no one has cause not to know. If you
: stand behind your product, then stand behind it! Not beside it or
: front of it.
: peace,
: txilar


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