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Posted by txilar  on October 12, 2002 at 06:03:49:

In reply to: Re: This is getting ridiculous! posted by Maureen on October 12, 2002 at 02:41:11:

Hi Maureen,
I think I understand a little better the relationship a seller has
with such a product as henna, I was hoping my mini-rant might have
suggested that, regardless, I do know it's more than stacking it on
the shelf and running with it. I know there is feedback, contact and
extensive communication. I know this. This microscope detail show
something that hasn't ever been an issue before. No one has *ever* to
my knowledge taken a look at henna under the scope (who has no say in
anything, nor any opinion) and seen the details of what lies within
any given bag, box or container. Now that someone has, it's Galileo
all over. Force CCJ to recant everything she's seen.

As to the store and the ice cream- the store doesn't care. If a
bad/low quality/poor selling product doesn't bring in the money for
whatever reasons (taste, marketing, texture, safety standards,
political viewpoints) the store drops it. Cold, hard reality; it's
gone. This is really common, like Zimra pointed out in health
magazines, I've seen dozens on everything from cookies to herb
formulations to ice cream to toothpaste. Taste is subjective, no
doubt, look at all the varieties of orange juice, pulp, no pulp,
extra pulp, big pulp, little pulp, et al. Now look at all the
varieties of henna: dyed henna, little henna percentage, high henna
percentage, no henna actually included, indigo instead, sandy henna,
dirty henna, henna mixed with God knows what and so on. Since this is
a market that is high quality driven and we all seek the Holy Grail
of Henna, don't we get to make the decision as to what is the earmark
of grail-worthiness? Don't we, the sellers and users get to say "No,
I don't want sand/dye/unknown herbs/dirty/indigo/whatever in my
henna. I want only henna that gives a rock solid stain, worthy to be
on the hands of Gods and Goddesses everywhere. A stain that will keep
demons away, not bring them closer!" I think we do. If a dye is non-
harmful and non helpful, then I don't want it in my henna, pure and
simple. I won't buy something that is dyed. It's like dying apples
red to make them look more appealing. Don't want them. A lot of
people tell you that PPD isn't harmful in small, "safe" quantities.
Lemon juice is necessary to make a henna stain. Some green dye added
to make henna look pretty (perhaps the henna is strong while still
looking feminine??) is an insult. I don't want it and I won't buy it.

As for particle size, well, if something doesn't go through a hole,
it doesn't go through the hole. If I'm wanting fine lacy lines, I'm
not going to go for a coarser henna. And vice versa, maybe I'm doing
some full foot covers and don't care about fineness, a coarse henna
will work fine. Cheaper, less work on my end and less waste than a
finer ground henna.

These are all issues that we can control. We should take advantage of
it. Maybe the technique isn't designed to make everyone happy, but
hey, that's the way the FDA does it too! If henna *were* regulated,
this annoyance would be nothing, I guarantee! Not everyone likes
scientific standards. But what we see is what we get. If anyone is so
certain that something isn't their product being tested, send a
tablespoon in a baggy. The supplier themself sending a sample has got
to be credible. And if anyone out there thinks a supplier would extra
grind a sample just to make it look good, well, you know, so what if
they did? Once someone buys from them, they know what to expect and
can go through the same thing a supplier does buying from the actual
producer, clarifying what they want and expect.

I just can't see what's so wrong with what is being done here. We all
need to realise that this is NOT a government regulated process. This
is something being done for love of the art. We need to work together
to make sure we get what we want and that what we want is what we
really get. Instead of saying this/that is/isn't mine/yours/his/hers
why not say "HERE IS MY <brand> HENNA." No doubts there. Then the
list could show "supplier X supplied henna sample".

As to personal responsibility- mine is to myself and anyone I might
henna. I want to make sure when I tell someone I mix pure henna with
pure lime juice and pure honey and then add some pure Geranium
essential oil, pure Tea Tree, pure Cananga and pure Bergamot, that I
am telling them the PURE truth.

What's going to happen when someone starts posting gas chromatography
scales of essential oils? Are sellers going to complain about that
one as well? If a dozen brands of essential oils are tested and half
shown to be less that what they are advertised, are we supposed to
just say "oh well, that might not be the right one" or "well, I don't
mind that someone added a synthetic chemical constituent that mimics
camphor- it does the same thing doesn't it?" I certainly hope not.
There has to be a system of checks and balances. Fear of seeing what
a bag of henna really is, doesn't balance.

Good lord, I've gone and written a novel. Sorry.



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