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Posted by Maureen on October 17, 2002 at 09:14:54:

In reply to: Winter henna? What to do posted by Nadia on October 16, 2002 at 21:40:40:

Hi Nadia,

There are three types of things you can think about. Each takes a
different sort of preparation and contact to get them.

1. Providing henna/mehndi at local nightclubs on regular basis. You
will need to do some foot work with this one. Go to some of the
really popular clubs or to clubs in a really popular area and show
the owner/managers what you do and let them know what you want to
do. Some will be interested and some will not. But the way to let
the owners/managers know that you have a service to offer is to go to
them and let them know. Could lead to something regular or could
lead to calls to you when they have some special promotion going on.
Often you get to keep all of the money you make with this sort of gig
which allows you to set a relatively low price and still make money.
Also a good way to promote your business if you are in the right

2. Contact beauty salons and tattoo parlours or other places in your
area that might see having Mehndi to offer to their customers to be
something that supports what they do without taking away business.
Be prepared to show your work in some professionally presented way.
Also be prepared to pay a percentage of what you earn since at least
initially, you will be getting customers based upon the reputation
and draw of the salon or parlour.

3. Teaching one time only or ongoing workshops for children,
adolescents or adults. These can be in after school programs,
communty centers, residential settings, schools, social service
agencies etc. These require developing relationships and gaining the
trust of the agency folks that you know what you are doing with
henna/mehndi...but more importantly, know what you are doing with the
population they serve. Official contacts usually need to be in
writing. Sometimes a formal proprosal, letter of agreement and/or
contract is required. What is nice about these relationships is that
these organizations and agencies are long standing with long
memories. They can really like obtaining information about something
they think will be of interest to the people they serve. The hardest
thing with these folks is to get the first gig. After that, if they
are pleased with what you did...which means their people are pleased
with what you did...they will contact you when they have a need.
Which can be frequent. They will want you to be able to not only
express what you do. They will expect you to be able to express what
this will do for their agency and the people they serve. So having
some goals and objectives that relate very closely to some aspect of
the overall goals of the agency is what you will need. These places
are never just trying to get their people entertained.

4. It is a cliche and a very true one, that one way to let folks
know what you can do and want to do is to volunteer. Give some of
what you do away. Find highly visible opportunities to provide
henna/mehndi. Find opportunities that you think only you and a
couple of other people will know about. Volunteer just because you
love what you are doing. Always have a business card and/or flier
with you to hand out. And just let this one flow from you to someone
else. Though it is not and should not be the goal of
volunteering...this one without a doubt returns dividends.

Colleges/Universities, community centers and organizations, city and
county governments always have some sort of events in the planning.
These things get planned often far in advance. Get on their lists to
have information about their vending opportunities sent out to you.
There are events planned inside for the colder months. But you have
to be on those lists to know about them so that you can become a

After you have been doing anything long enough and have proven
yourself at it, your phone will begin ringing with calls from people
requesting your service. But that takes a lot of time...years.
Until then, you have to begin to develop contacts and relationships
and create exposure and opportunities for yourself/business that will
let folks know what you do.

Take care.



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