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Posted by Catherine Cartwright-Jones on October 19, 2002 at 13:31:03:

In reply to: anyone know of these posted by samantha on October 19, 2002 at 09:08:09:

I spoke to a forum person who had a copy, who and said though the
woman did study up for the job, her comprehension and analysis of what
she'd turned up was poor, superficial, and it was a terrible read. So
... not worth the bother.

Henna's history and traditions are DIFFICULT to research. If you just
flip through the easily available material you'll not get far.

Presently I'm having a BLAST digging out henna in medieval Spain.
During the Inquisition, nearly all women arrested were charged with
henna use, a crime as of 1560. Christian women protested that they
used henna just as a cosmetic, and henna was not necessarilly a mark
of celebrating Id, Ramadan, or a Muslim or Jewish wedding. So, bless
them, the Inquisition tortured the women to determine if they were
using henna just because it was beautiful, or if they were secretly
practicing Muslim or Jewish tradition.

Now, more than you ever wanted to know: ...

If Christians, Jews and Moors used henna in Spain from 700 to 1560,
grew it there, applied it there ...and all that jazz, why did it not
spread to the rest of Europe and why instead was it targeted by the
inquisition? The sunspot cycle hit a quiet spell.


When there were no sunspots (low solar activity, sudden climate
cooling) the NAO oscillation altered the Gulf Stream to the south,
(between the 1300s and 1900) and set off severe droughts in Spain,
This caused violent irrigation disputes between the Christians who
grew northern European crops requiring more water and the Moors who
grew drought resistant Afrian, Arabian and Indian crops. The same NAO
brought cold weather to Northern Spain causing outbreaks of plague
depopulating and impoverishing the north while the warmer south had
far less plague and actually increased in population and prosperity.
These social stresses caused by a low sunspot cycle based climate
change set Christians against Jews and Moors who had coexisted with
reasonable tolerance for 400 years (with only sporadic outbreaks of
stupidity) during a high sunspot cycle warm period .

So, henna's suppression in Spain is linked to drought/plague based
social destabilization, traceable through litigation and population
stats, and you find the underlying cause by mining the NASA and NOAA
databases on solar activity and NAO.

And here you thought heavy science government agency boring-ass
avalanche of numbers astrophysics climatology was supernerd territory
and didn't have a lot to do with henna.


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