Re: F O vs EO in henna paste for aroma~hopefully some answers

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Posted by Missy on October 20, 2002 at 14:57:48:

In reply to: Fragrance oils vs Essential oils in henna paste for aroma posted by Maureen on October 19, 2002 at 12:46:28:

Other than that though, and more because the fragrance
: oils are much less expensive than essential oils, I am wondering if
: there is a "reason" the fragrance oils should not be used.
: Maureen

I have not had time to read the whole thread but I can't wait any
longer to chime in.
Fragrance oils are not to be used on the skin directly, even as a few
drops in your average mix. It would be too strong. Fragrance oils are
petrochemically based fragrances. Most are too strong to use
directly. Once I sniffed one only to bump my lip against the bottle
opening. My lip burned followed by some numbness. I only work with
Fragrance Oils(FO) when there is no other option.
You then run into issues like skin safe or not. Some are safe to
diluted for use on bodies and others are only safe in candles. Then
you get into flash points(what point the FO becomes volatile and
disappears) then you can finally get into discoloration. I am not
sure how that would change in henna but I know it makes a big diff in
soap. Some oils when used turn the product pink, black, brown... I'll
have to ask one of my suppliers. Over time the use of FOs can make
you sensitive to them. I know soapers who over time get physically
ill when they use the same FO they have been using for a while. One
soaper has a signature scent that makes her sick to her tummy. My
signature scent gives me a migraines and makes me want to hurl when I
use it. I can't even be around the soap now. When I started making it
I had no problem but now I can't be near it. Another factor in FO is
some suppliers are not reputable. They are known to cut the FO with
chemicals such a DPG which makes it useable for making incense but
not safe for skin. I have had a few bottles show up that I suspect to
be cut, one was sent to the lab and was in fact more than half DPG.

Ok, now if price is a factor for the use of Essential Oils(EO) then
you must be buying them at local stores. The prices they charge are
awful! If you look through the web you can find some really nice
priced good smelling EOs. There is a big company that used to offer
free samples. If you emailed them that you were interested in their
products they would send you something like 10 samples for free. I
even got nutmeg eo(way expensive and way stinky). I will hunt down
their url. If you want you can email me and I'll send you some links
for where I get my EO. Of course eo's need to be diluted too. Only 2
or 3 drops are needed for most henna batches.
Think outside the EO/Henna box for a minute. There are some good
smelling, non toxic, eos out there. Learn more at


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