Substitute pure essential oils diluted with grapeseed oil vs pure essential oils in the question!!!

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Posted by Maureen on October 20, 2002 at 18:44:31:

In reply to: Re: F O vs EO in henna paste for aroma~hopefully some answers posted by Missy on October 20, 2002 at 14:57:48:

Hi Missy,

When or if you read further down the thread you will see that the
operational definition for what I was referring to as "fragrance
oils" is actually pure essential oils diluted with a carrier oil the
likes of grapeseed oil. In fact, are referring to it as more of an
essential oil blend with a carrier oil.

Actually, some people find some of the essential oils they like and
would want to choose for altering the smell of their paste to be
quite expensive indeed...Frankincense, Myrrh, Cardemom, Rose. And a
way to stretch those and also stretch their money while obtaining a
smell they can live with could be for them to add a carrier oil like
grapeseed oil since just a little goes a long way in the paste and so
little does not effect the consistency of the paste negatively.

I hear what everyone is saying about what must be typically
called "fragrance oils." The person who had made me these blends for
a very long time referred to his blends of essential oils and
grapeseed oil as "fragrance oils." So I chose that term when posing
the question. I would have been better phrased as the essential oils
diluted with grapeseed oil or something of that sort for a carrier
oil vs just pure essential oils.

I personally sell the essential oils and know that the prices can be
quite high unless purchased in bulk. $17.00 and up for 10 to 15 ml
is considered costly to some people. Samples can work for some
people but, not a lot of websites send the really costly essential
oils out as samples for free. And if someone is hooked on a
particular scent and will desire to use it frequently, then a sample
will not work for them.

The question asked was to gather information to present an option for
folks who have specifically stated that the costs of the more
expensive oils is indeed prohibitive for them and who sought a

I guess some soapmaking people may use the "fragrance oils" that meet
the definition of those having all of the chemicals in them. The
soapers I know...and who are also the reason I chose to sell the
essential oils...use only the pure and natural essential oils in
their soaps and other products because they are using the essential
oils for properties other than the smell alone. The soapers I deal
with also purchase their essential oils in larger quantities than
henna artists wanting the essential oils just to alter the smell of
their paste typically need and purchase. And in that way they
acquire the essential oils at more discounted prices than are
available for the small quantities.

I import my essential oils for soapmaking in large quantities. The
question is not one specific to me. But rather in search of a viable
alternative for people wishing to get the smell they are looking for
in their paste in a way that is more affordable for them.

I believe, notwithstanding the information concerning "fragrance
oils" as they appear to be typically defined, that the use of the
blended essential oils with something like grapeseed oil as a carrier
presents for them a viable and safe option and alters the smell in
the way they desire. Options are always good to have available.

I reiterate as I have further down in the thread. With all of the
essential oils I have available, I don't choose to use them to alter
the smell of my paste. The smell of the paste with just cajeput,
lemon, sugar and the henna powder is a pleasing smell to me and
neither family/friends or customers have ever complained about the
smell of the paste I use on them. The smell is not bothersome to
them or to me. But, the smell thing is a very powerful thing. And
for people who find the terped smell or plain henna powder/paste
problematic and the cost of their favorite essential oil a barrier,
the blend that includes the essential oil and say grapeseed oil
provides for them a solution.

I must say that I am amazed that anyone would use a "fragrance oil"
intended for candle making in their soap or skin care products.
Doesn't sound like a good idea at all. Often some of the
same "fragrance oils" that are used for candlemaking are the same
ones people use in those difusers and those indeed have lots of stuff
in them that would make no sense to be used in something to be used
on the skin. Most of the "craft" stores I frequent that supply some
oils for soap and candle making hobby type people differentiate the
two oils by purpose...though it bothers me that they tend to display
them in such close proximity usually.

Take care.



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