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Posted by Maureen on October 22, 2002 at 00:15:35:

In reply to: Tips posted by Ms Michele on October 21, 2002 at 15:41:43:

I've found tips to be peculiar to both the place and the person
served. Some people seem to tip service regardless of the quality.
They seem to tip because they see tips as a big part of how the
person offering the service makes their money. Some people are just
not going to tip regardless of how good the service. Some seem to
feel that the person providing the service have already been paid in
some form or fashion and nothing from them is required.

At workshops that I provide when part of what is being done is to
actually provide henna for some or all of the people there, I never
consider tips appropriate because I have already been paid. And
inevitably someone there will want to give me a tip. But it is

When an individual or small group (about 3) come to me at my place
for henna, they tend to be the folks most likely to add a tip to the
fee. I find when I go out to the person, percentage wise, they have
been less likely to tip when I have charged for things like travel.

My experience has been that the more demanding the person being
served, the less likely they have been to offer a tip.

I've never had a tip jar and wouldn't personally do it. But, I do
see how having a tips jar is a statement to people that tips are
allowed. I can see folks not being clear on whether or not tips are
allowed or even appropriate at certain events. A tips jar would
clarify that. Especially if it has something amusing or thought
provoking on it. I like what Erika put on her jar. That is a good

Has anyone had an experience with what I think of as the "annoying
and funny" tipper. I've never figured out the motivation of this
type of tipper except they were having fun and was trying to give me
some money. Like the guy who sat down and told me that he was going
to give me a $5.00 tip if I made him the "best" picture of a
strawberry that he had ever seen. Told him that I didn't know about
the "best" but that it would look like a strawberry. He said it had
to look good enough to eat. I knew he was being silly and funny so
did the strawberry thing that did not look at all good enough to eat
with the paste on it. He gave me the money and $5.00 tip. He came
back later and said he "needed" another strawberry and negotiated
getting it without paying again but would give me another $5.00 tip.
He eventually ended up with two big strawberries and three little
baby like strawberries representing him, his wife and his three
children connected by vines and the strawberry like leaves. I don't
know if this was what he had in mind all along or if the concept just
revealed itself to him little by little as the evening went on and he
kept coming back. He paid about $35.00 for something he could have
gotten for $10 at that particular event. He was having a good time

So, I think that tipping is "loaded" for some folks. They use it to
vote yay or get you to put up with their quirkiness and to
get extras...and sometimes just to supplement what they perceive you
are making monetarily. And at other times, it is just not on the
radar for them.

To put it on the radar, the tip jar seems to be an effective way to
allow people to choose. But the guy with the strawberries taught me
to regard those tips as something that can have a lot more to do with
the person tipping than with the actual service provided.

Take care.



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