The Genetic Link (thoroughly o/t ... mostly)

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Posted by Catherine Cartwright Jones on October 22, 2002 at 04:44:25:

In reply to: Type in synaesthesia on google... wow! posted by txilar on October 21, 2002 at 20:10:45:

The genetic link there intrigues me! I have notebooks of drawings of
what I see in music, emotions, sensations, etc. I think I'll hang
onto those .... becuase if same were done independently done by my
mother, daugher, and whatever progeny happens .... interesting comparison!

I know all of us, back 4 generations have similar "psi" abilibities
... and each were interpreted differently through "evangelical
Southern Baptist", "educator for the severely mentally disabled" and
"whateverthehellitisthatsCatherine" and Gwyn's "bullshit detector". We
operate about the same, but it's through different cultural filters.
It tends to make us unpopular with the people we can "tune in on"
because we know too goddamn much for comfort (which is why I keep mine
turned off).

30+ years ago, I got tested for the abilities, and ..... declared
wholly sane ... but what I was able to do wasn't in the perimeters of
what people's minds were presumed to be able to do. (Dogs do it just
fine, but not people). I'm grateful that I was never told it was
either satanic or holy. Both of those are bullshit. Maybe if I have
granddaughters they'll get a handle on it. It's not magic, it's just
plain old real, and ... I look forward to finding out whatever it is.
I suspect its just a brain cramp that's occasionally useful, but
mostly a minor nuisance.

I wonder if I can find that old recording of Beethoven's 9th that had
absolutely PERFECT rainbows! I'm very picky about the 9th, last
movement, because if it's not done just right, the colors get wrecked.

Digi music is colorless, certainly if it's electronically
generated..... no color, and I can't remember what I've just heard.
Live music is full of color. The recordings pre-digi have color, but
nothing like live. I like Miles Davis "Sketches of Spain" and other
old things becuase the colors are ..... exquisite.

I used to sit with my best friend in a darkened room and play music to
look at the colors. They're easiest to see if the lights aren't
bright. She couldn't see color patterns forming over the turntable ...
but ...if I touched her and concentrated ... then she could see them
too. Long, long time ago. She died many years ago.

My intro to body art was from being able to see what people were
thinking. I'd henna the patterns on them that I could see forming on
their skin as I relaxed and looked ... like shining light webs, and
I'd just trace them. They'd get all excited like it was magic. A dog
could see the same thing, but they thought it was something special.
I quit doing that because it's very disorienting, and I dislike the


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