A heads-up regarding using PayPal for multiple items in one transaction.

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Posted by Maureen on October 27, 2002 at 02:49:25:

Just some info for anyone using PayPal and purchasing multiple items
from a single seller in one order with funds in their PayPal accounts
or echecks:

PayPal indicates in their User Agreement that they suggest ordering
only single items in a given transaction. That suggestion should
truly be taken seriously. If there is ever a situation when you
order multiple items in a single order and receive only part of your
order, PayPal will consider the transaction as a complete and
successful one and you really have no recourse beyond filing the
Buyer's Complaint which will result in your being notified that you
received your goods if the seller can show that they shipped your a
package that was delivered to you address. It won't matter if you
ordered 50 items and the seller only sent you one. Just proof that a
package was delivered to you from the seller after you placed your
initial order will get the complaint resolved in the seller's favor
and closed.

Some sellers seem to know this...Cedarvale is one such...and you can
be taking a risk with your funds with them and any seller who chooses
not to provide you with what you paid for. It seems it is pretty
safe to make purchases with a credit card because your credit card
company will provide you with some safeguards. But through PayPal,
you have no such safeguards or protection if paying through them with
funds in your PayPal account or with echecks.

I am posting this because I know a lot of folks here use PayPal to
pay for orders and are often likely to make an order of multiple
items. Not a good thing it seems unless you are paying by credit
card. Making separate orders for each item is the only way to
protect yourself from sellers willing to ship you only one item
though you ordered many in the single transactions. The separate
orders for each item...and therefore separate transactions for each
item...allows PayPal to request proof of shipment and delivery for
each item/transaction and if proof of shipment and delivery of each
item/transaction is not provided to them, you will receive a refund.
Well, you will receive a refund if the seller still has funds in
their account. That is another story altogether. So yep...if you
purchase multiple items, you are ultimately better off with 50
separate transactions when there is a problem with your order and the
seller won't provide you with a refund or deliver your goods.
Crazy...but true.

This is certainly not a reflection on any of the sellers here who
accept PayPal. It is certainly also not a "buy from us only"
statement. Just that I personally have made transactions with the
folks here and none of them have ever fallen into the category of
sellers willing to take your money and not deliver your goods. It is
also not a "don't buy from Cedarvale" statement. Some folks have
posted about good and successful transactions with them. This is
more about some things you might want to think about and things to do
prior to making the transactions in order to avoid a hassle down the

The best bet is to purchase from sellers you know. But if purchasing
from sellers you don't know, just purchase in ways that protect you
and provide you with some recourse. I think this is important
because henna artists are frequently seeking out new sources for
different products on the web and can tend to purchase small amounts
of lots of items...and lots tend to like to use PayPal as a way to
make payments.

I've stumbled upon some other ways to use PayPal or similar systems
safely and to reduce your risk that I will be glad to share with
anyone who asks through email.



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