WARNING- Do Not Buy From ONS Exports or Sudhir Madaan

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Posted by Lauren on October 28, 2002 at 13:11:53:

Here is the story of my association with him and his company.
A few months ago, several Forum folks got unsolicited email from
Sudhir Madaan asking if we'd like to try some henna powder to see if
we were interested in buying some. I've been wanting some Indian
powder for a while, so I agreed.
The sample was easily one of the best hennas I've tried. It was very
well sifted and stained amazingly dark, amzingly fast. The color was
classic red-brown. I was delighted to find that the red did not
brown or darken but remained throughout the life of the design. And
of course, no dye.
I arranged to get ten kilos from him. He asked if I wanted it
labeled for hair instead of skin, and I said yes and thanked him for
thinking of it. It took quite a long time to arrive. I don't know
if that is his fault, but it was very difficult to get him to respond
to my emails, which made me nervous.
It finally gets to the airport and I go to pick it up. They almost
didn;t let me pick it up because thyey needed an invoice which I was
notot sent. The Customs officer opens the box, and ... no labeling
of any kind. Not even a "Made by" sticker. Could have been henna or
anything. The paperwork with it said "natural henna hair
conditioner" and that's what I has described it as when arranging the
inspection, so they finally let it through. It's about the same
green as Kimia and I was flying high to be a real first-contact no-
middleman importer!
I got home and put some in a bowl to mix it. This is the finest
powder I think I've ever seen, and it smells gorgeous, too. Then the
lemon juice hits it and it turns this weird blue-green. Oh, no.
Dye. I try it anyway and it does give a good color on skin, but not
as fast as the sample. On my hair it's the best color I've had in
ten years of hennaed hair. Still, it's dyed. I write and ask what
happened, since this is not the same as the sample I ordered from.
In this and in every further email to him, I praise the sample and
say how thrilled I would be to be able to offer it on a regular basis
and work with him again if only this can be straightened out.
I send some off to CCJ for analysis.
I get a note back saying Try it, we're sure you'll like it.
I write back saying I did try it, it's not what I ordered, please
replace it with the same lot you sent as a sample.
He writes that that's the only henna they have, so they have nothing
else to replace it with.
I write that the sample was certainly different and I wanted more of
that quality as my order.
At this point, I get the analysis back from CCJ. It's one of the
most overdyed hennas she's seen. The link is below if you want to
take a look. I find out that the dye is most likely PPD. I freak.
He writes that they will replace the henna, but they want me to pay
the $120 freight charge. Right. I wonder what they would replace it
with anyway, since he says they only have one sort of henna. Of
course, I already know that's a lie because of the sample being so
much better.
I write that since I ordered pure henna and they sent me dyed, I
haven't received my original order yet, and they should send me my
original order.
No response for two weeks. During this time, my email account had a
couple days where it bounced messages and I wrote agin saying that if
he had had a message bounce, to please resend it.
No response for several days.
I wrote that since he seemed to be ignoring me, I was done playing
games. I write that I expect to receive what I ordered at their
expense since it was them that sent me the wrong thing in the first
place. I tell them that if I do not get what I paid for, I would
have to tell my henna friends that he was untrustworthy (using the
bait-and-switch) so they wouldn't go through all the hassle I have
with him. I also told him I would call the FDA and get his name on
the banned list for exporting improperly labeled and illegally
adulterated henna as pure.
He wrote back this morning saying that I was blackmailing him to get
more henna.
So here's my story. I have saved all our emails if anyone wants to
see them, to know that I am accurately representing what went on. As
always, you are free to make up your own minds. I don't want any of
my friends getting caught in the trap I did.


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