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Posted by Maureen on October 28, 2002 at 21:28:05:

In reply to: Big question, a bit off topic, though not completely... posted by Joan on October 28, 2002 at 02:07:27:

Hi Joan,

This is a very good time for you to create the vision for your
life...while knowing that life will do its thing with the vision.

Most of the people I know, including myself, began college with one
major in mind and graduated majoring in something entirely
different. That is what college and that time in your life is
about...fine tuning the general picture of what it is that you want
to do and separating the want to dos out from the "what I am good at
and also want to do" and what makes sense to to in the real world
sort of things.

I have my degrees and certifications and licenses in fields that seem
totally unrelated at first glance. But what makes them related is
what I have chosen to do with them in my life. I see and have always
seen the degrees and certifications and licenses as being cushions
between my posterior and the ground. I have always considered them
to be quadruple threats to the unemployment line. And they have
indeed served me in that way. You will find that there are "flavor"
of the decade degrees and careers. Times change and what you want
and need to do is to prepare yourself for the changing times. That
is what going to college and graduate school and professional schools
and trade schools too can do for you.

The way I see it, you come with a basket in which you will deposit
skills, knowledge and experience. That basket is what you will pull
from whenever deciding what you want to do for a living and to make a
certain kind of money and have a certain life style. If your basket
is full of skills, knowledge and experiences that prepare you to work
at a fast food place, then that is who will select you to work for
them. Or you could add some management skills and experience to that
basket and open up your own fast food restaurant. Ultimately, it
comes down to preparation, opportunity, choices, luck and goodwill.

You have little control over opportunity, luck and to some extent
goodwill. You have total control over preparation and the choices
you make. So, this is the time for you to begin to assess what is
already in your basket and decided what other things you want to see
in there. Your own comfort zone is important when it comes down to
what other things you will put in there. If you are a risk taker,
you can have fewer things in that basket and with the right
opportunities, choices, luck and goodwill, you can get pretty far.
If you need to have all of your ducks lined up and don't like to take
risks, then you will most likely fill that basket with a pair and a
spare. If you like a sure thing, you will fill that basket with
things capable of providing the surest results.

Now where does henna fit into all of this. A career related to henna
is certainly not a sure thing at this point in time. But better and
more lucrative opportunities may present themselves in the future for
making a career with henna. Then again it might not. But what harm
would it do for you to hone your skills related to whatever you want
to do with henna and put them in that basket? You can do that while
you hone other skills as well.

The one thing that a lot of college degrees fail to provide is any
marketable and tangible skills. Lots of people come out of college
as generalist. This can work if that is what an employer is looking
for a generalist that they can train in a specific area. This can
also work for you if you already have other sets of specific skills
to which you can apply all of that general information.

I believe that what ever you want to do and offer to the world as
your lifes work, there is someone and someones out there in need of
it. Some of that is already in place...doctors, lawyers, beauticians
etc. Some you have to create a place for. When times are bad, you
are much better positioned offering something that meets a base
need. When times are great, you have much more flexibility in what
you can be offering with increased chance that you can make a decent
living from it.

When times are good, artists and artwork will be on people's radar.
When times are bad, artists do something else to support themselves
and artwork while created is not often sought out. Knowing this is
what makes many creative and talented people have a back up plan. I
know a few folks who are doing quite well with their art work now and
have done so for awhile now. But they went through some very lean
years when they were either partially or entirely supported by family
members or friends. They did not stop...would not stop creating
fulltime. It has paid off for them financially at this time. But
the road to where they are now was rather pathetic. That means it
would not have been my choice of how to do my life. It was their
choice of how to do their life.

All of this to say, while considering what you might want to do with
your life, consider how you want to live your life, develop all of
the skills that are available to you to develop, gain all of the
experience you can in a lot of areas, seek knowledge about whatever
interests you and some things that don't interest you. When the day
comes when you "have" to decide what you will do to make money and
how you will live, be armed with a basket full of stuff including
your henna skills, knowledge and experience. And if you decide, I am
going to be a henna artist, you are going to be a henna artist with a
full basket of supportive and back up stuff. You are going to be a
henna artist with a basket full of stuff that is going to determine
what kind of henna artist you are going to be...for how long...and in
what context. And if you decide to be a different sort of artist or
not an artist at all, the same will be true.

I am on the other end of the whole career thing. I am at the point
that I am self selecting not to use many of the things that I put in
my basked and used for many years. But, I am glad that I put every
piece in the basket that I put there. It is because I did, that I
can now select to use them or not to use them.

Always about positioning yourself to always have choices.



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