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Posted by Maureen on October 30, 2002 at 18:34:59:

In reply to: overpriced myself?? posted by Darla so Dreadly on October 30, 2002 at 13:29:14:

Hi Darla,

Sometimes when a person hears the price is $400.00 or whatever price,
they think that it is firm and that there is no room for
negotiation. You may think about presenting your price within the
context of a range. Even bridal mehndi can be broken out in ranges
ordered by both complexity and body surface covered. And the
timeframe for presenting those may well be when you are providing the
free design.

When reading your post, somethings that came to mind to me regarding
how people typically think and react around pricing issues are:

1. When spending over $10.00, most people like to reflect a bit
about what they are purchasing regardless of whether or not it is a
product or service. So providing a way for folks to have something
to look at and think about and then decide upon may be something you
may want to add to your promotional goods. It can be pictures and
descriptions with accompanying price ranges or just descriptions with
accompanying price ranges. Since you have that first encounter
during which you do the free henna, that would be a good time to give
the person something to carry away and reflect upon at the same time
that they have the design on their hands to remind them of how great
your work is.

2. It is really truly hard for people to get from something "free"
to some version of that same thing costing $400.00. You may think
about placing some monetary value on the henna design that you have
been providing for free. A discount...phrased as a discount...puts
people immediately in the mind set to think about money and to be
prepared to think about money and a respectable value placed on the
service you are providing. I think that is especially true when it
comes down to a "service" as opposed to a "product." Artist run into
that all of the time with request that they paint a little something
like a mural on a friend's wall...decorate the office or building for
the holiday...make up the flyers and/or brochures for an event. I
have individuals and organizations who have asked me to write them
proposals for free...entire fully blown proposals for funding!!!
There is something about services that artists spend years and lots
of money developing the skills to be able to do that folks have a
hard time devaluing. So, I think it is important for the artist to
combat that often by watching how and when they offer services for
free. Once it is experienced by someone as "free" it is hard to get
that same person to understand the true value.

3. This is just my sense of how people react to money issues
sometimes. If and when given a price for a product or service that
is unexpected, people are often embarrassed if they can't afford it
or if the price is nowhere near what they had anticipated. So the
response they give is sometimes just out of that embarrassed place.
It is hard to want something and not be able to afford it. Or to
want something and be clueless about the actual cost. So, that is
why it is often helpful to many folks to be provided with a way to
determine how much of a service they can afford prior to the time
when they are actually contacting get the service. This empowers
them to pick and choose based upon what they desire and what they can

It also allows you at the point of determining with a customer
exactly what service they want at which price know that
the person you are speaking to already has enough information to at
least know that they can afford some aspect of what you do. For
bridal mehndi, having some sort of hard copy of descriptions of your
services and the prices will serve you better perhaps than just
providing the information over the phone. In one regard, a hard copy
becomes something that can be passed on. And in anohter regard, I
think it matches the way brides tend to plan their weddings...with
brochures, flyers, pictures, fabric swatches, samples. You may as
well have something that brides can put into that pile/file of "all
the things needed to make my wedding perfect" that they will work

Did your overprice yourself? The way to know that is to find out
what others are charging for the comparable service in your area.
With your skills, you won't want to be at the bottom of that list.
But you probably don't want to be at the top of that list
either...unless it is your "top" price that tops the list and you
have other prices at least in that medium range.

And I also know that you probably want to do the most generous and
extravagant bridal mehndi possible for your clients. But, you might
truly want to think about the bride who just cannot afford anything
at the high end. You might want to deterimine what services you can
make available to her. Then make sure they are on your list of

Take care. You will do great!!!



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