Re: Lots of questions about slinging at an India Festival

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Posted by Nick on October 30, 2002 at 20:40:57:

In reply to: Re: Lots of questions about slinging at an India Festival posted by Theadora on October 30, 2002 at 19:01:13:

I generally agree with Theadora, but i wanted to add a few things.

Re: Navneet- yes, take one big gaudy paisly, fill it with checkers,
simple vines up each finger, some really simple flowers around the
empty spaces... and you've got no-fuss navneet. One thing i would say
is do not make it advisable to choose a design. I did an Indian
wedding once where they told me to forget the design books and just
henna! I was able to sling about 12 full hands in 2 1/2 hours. Some
of them took longer than others, as i had to do the couple's mum's
henna, which was more detailed. You can get really good at slinging
Navneet without thinking if you practice... trace some hands on paper
and doodle with big motifs in the palm, viney fingers, and space
fillers... you'll have it down in no time.

Re: Cone vs. bottle- Use what you are most comfortable with. I
personally find cones to be a lot more fiddly than a bottle, so i
work faster with a bottle. But if you work faster with a cone, by all
means use a cone... and if you do choose a cone, *bring extras*! At
some point, it's very possible that your cone will explode... in
which case you'll need a new one.

Re: Booth partner- Sounds like a good idea. Get all your agreements
in writing *before* you start work.

: What I do is take those more futzy Navneet designs and draw them
: simplified or jsut take the main concepts and add vines or whatever
: you like to draw easily for pace of a hand foot for $15.- $25 I
: would honestly not have a $5. visible. Thats a lot of small desgins
: for a large booth fee. If its slow going offer verbally anything
: want to get things moving or if you have dead time. But dont have
: them out in case it gets busy and theres too many people and they
: all want little $5. design!
: booth partner:
: Id make a list about everytihng you might want/require.Have a
: meeting to go over it in person prior to deciding about shareing
: event.
: What hours they will be there. what the price points on designs
: taking turns, covering costs... Clarify ahead of time if you are
: deciding to work with someone,everything and
: anything thats pertinant to the particular situation.
: You might want to ask a small percentage from her revenue to
: compensate you for getting the job and managing the venue and if
: you bring things like a table or chairs for set up.
: The lady I work with sometimes is Indian and she uses acone. I was
: useing a Jac bottle. She was whipping out those swirly patterns
: faster then I could even blink. Im have switched to the cone as for
: me it is faster. Less presure so the paste flows better.
: Do what feels comfortable.
: Dont switch before a busy gig unless you are confident with your
: tool of choice!!
: Have fun, take breaks, drink water, take pitures!!
: : HUGE, and the longest lines are always for the henna artists.
: : booth fee is $275 for a one day festival. I know I can make that
: : back, though I don't know how much extra I'll make. I'm really
: more
: : concerned with getting a foot in the door with the local Indian
: : community. I'm sure to get the normal requests for bracelets and
: : simple designs, but I also expect to get a lot of requests for
: full
: : hands. I'd like to find some full hand and feet designs that are
: : not as intricate as the Navneet stuff, so I can still turn them
: out
: : in less than 15 minutes. Do you think I can do an adequate job
: : bridal designs with a .5 j-bottle, or should I really work on
: : practicing with the cone? Another henna artist, one from
: : has offfered to split booth fees with me to work at the same
: booth.
: : I'm very territorial, and wary about wroking with someone I don't
: : know. I'm sure her designs are great, as she's been doing this
: : longer than me...I'm just a little paranoid. Any suggestions?


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