Articles on the History of Henna
The History of Henna

Henna’s Significance in Amazigh Id, Circumcision and "Night of the Henna" Celebrations

Before the modern era, Moroccan villagers applied henna for Id al-Adha, circumcision, and the “Night of the Henna".  This paper establishes the common ground of these events, and the importance of henna in the celebrations, based on eyewitness accounts from the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.
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Developing Guidelines on Henna: a Geographical Approach

Id al-Adha: The Ecological and Nutritional Impact of the Muslim Feast of Sacrifice, and the Significance of Henna in this Sacrifice.
This paper details the history of henna in connection with Id sacrifice traditions and effects, focusing on henna and ecosystem management, from its origins in the Neolithic Mediterranean world, to present day.
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Henna and Fingernails
        /keratin    Fingernails   cuticles   fungal   tradition   cultures/

Anath Hennas Her Hands to Celebrate Baal's Victory over Mot
/Anath    Baal    War    Virgin Goddess   Mot   Bronze Age   Syria   Ugaritic/

Biblical Henna references: Song of Solomon
/bible   camphire   attar   song of solomon   talmud/

Henna in the Ancient Egyptian Pharmacopoeia:  The Ebers Papyrus
/Egypt   remedies   Thebes   cyperus   kuperos   Osiris   toes   eyes   teeth/

Henna and the Insurrection in the Hadramaut
/Yemen   Mohammed   Caliph   Abu Bakr   protest   rebellion   history/

The Hennaed Guerrilla Fighters in Jerusalem, 70 CE
/Flavius Josephus   Jew   Jewish   Palestine   transvestite   history/

The Naun: The Barber's Wife
/Henna Artist   Nai   Naun  barber   caste    blind    India/

Regale Unguentum: Parthian Royal Ointment
/Assyria   Parthia   Persia   Men   Ointment   Hair/

Hennaed Fingernails for Upper Class Men and Military Officers in Zand and Qajar Iran
/Iran   Shiraz   Qajar   Zand   men   fingernails   customs   Jubber Kahn   Afganistan/

Anath, the Virgin Warrior Goddess:  Victory,  Henna and Grain
/Anath   Virgin Goddess   Fertility   Grains   War   Bronze Age   Baal   Ugaritic/

Judith and Holofernes
/henna   myrtle    Judith   Jewish    Hanukkah    victory     war    traditions/

Turkish Night of the Henna: Symbolism and Practice in the Late 20th Century
/coin resist     cord resist      Kina Gecesi     Turkish village     men's Night of the Henna/

19th Century Turkish Kina Gecesi
/Lucy M. Garnett    Fanny Davis    marriage   harem   Ottoman    coins    Night of the Henna/

Henna and the End of the Ottoman Empire
/culture   history   tradition   Ataturk   cosmetic   beauty   Anatolia/

Turkey:  Henna and the Ottoman Hamam
/Turkey   Ottoman   hamam   bathhouse   women   beauty/  
Henna in 16th Century Turkey
/Codex Vindobonensis   manuscript   illustration   cosmetic   beauty   Turkey   ottoman/
Turkoman Henna
/shirin   nizami   shiraz   patterns   turkey   ottoman   cosmetic   beauty/