Shade Crimson with turmeric and pickling lime, wine dregs, and other things:

If you mix turmeric with pickling lime and water, the turmeric turns vivid crimson.  You can use this on your skin the same way as you do turmeric, but don't do this if you have sensitive skin!  Pickling lime is food grade calcium hydroxide. You can find it in grocers which have supplies for people who make their own pickles.  It has a very alkaline ph and can irritate tender skin.  Use it sparingly!

You can also make a temporary rose red stain on your skin with evaporated red wine. Evaporate a little red wine in a saucer.  When it's dried, apply it with a cotton swab to the area of your henna pattern you would like to shade rose.

Impatiens Balsamina flowers, mixed with alum, will stain skin red, and is sometimes used in Rajasthan in addition to, or instead of henna.

KumKum, Alta paint and Pooja powder will stain the skin red for a day or two, but unless the package shows all the ingredients, you can't be certain what you're putting on your skin!

Put them all together:

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