How to roll a mylar or cellophane wrap cone:
A hand rolled mylar or cellophane wrap cone is one of the best tools for the professional henna artist!  Cones make fine lines and are easy to use.
The video showing how to roll a cone is linked below. 
Here's how to view it!

The Cone Rolling Video is a Windows Media (.wmv) File.

To view the Windows Media (.wmv) file:
Make sure you have the latest version of Windows Media Player or some other player that can play WMV files. Windows Media Player is available as a free download at:

Right-click the hyperlink "cone rolling video" below to get the media file.

On the popup menu, choose “Save Target As” if you are using Internet Explorer, choose “Save Link Target As” if you are using Netscape or Mozilla.

In the “Save As” dialog window, choose the location where you’d like to save the media file. The file’s size is a little over 3 megabytes and it will take approximately 15 minutes to download on a dialup Internet connection.

When the download is complete, you can use the File command on the Windows Media Player to select and play the file. The running time is approximately 30 seconds.

Right click here to download the cone rolling video.

Need technical assistance to view the video? 
You can e-mail specific computer questions to
Roy Jones at


Would you rather see it one picture at a time?


You can do that too!

cone is roll

You can download a series of images and look at them one at a time or view them "flip book style".

Click here to download a zipfile of
consecutive cone rolling images

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