How do you get fine lines and delicate patterns with stringy henna?

Some Moroccan and Yemeni hennas are naturally very stringy, and you can make other hennas stringy with honey, fenugreek or okra.  You can pull stringy henna into lines fine as a human hair, perfectly straight, just like a spider spinning a silk web. You keep the cone above the skin, draping the line down, and only touch the cone tip down to stop, start, or change direction. 

Hair-fine lines don't have as much staining power as thick lines, so add more lines to build up more color. If you drape tiny lines onto the back of the hand, they may float on fine hairs rather than settling on the skin where they can do their job!  On palms you may get a brief, but beautiful stain with these little henna threads. On the back of the hand, make the lines  heavier to ensure good stain.


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