Add gems to your body art.

make dots of adhesiveSmall flatback rhinestone crystal gems are a beautiful addition to henna.

Let your henna pattern dry before you apply the gems, and seal the paste before you try to add gems. 

Use a cone of skin-friendly non-latex acrylic emulsion medical adhesive to make little dots of glue at the places in your henna pattern where you would like to have gems.

Becoming Moonlight® Gilding Paste and Pros-Aide® Cream Adhesive are non-latex acrylic emulsion medical adhesives that will adhere gems to skin for several days. Pros-Aide® Liquid is also a non-latex acrylic emulsion medical adhesive that can be used to glue gems to skin, but is a little more difficult to handle.

You can also use Spirit Gum Adhesive, or New Skin Liquid Bandage to apply gems.
press a birthday candle onto the gemPress a birthday candle onto the gem. The candle will stick slightly to the gem. When you lift the candle, the gem will come up with the candle.

(Thanks to Paul Hernandez for showing me this trick!)
touch the gem into placeUse the candle to place the gem onto the dot of adhesive. 
add more gemsAdd as many gems as you wish.

When you remove the gems, you can clean the medical adhesive off the backs with isopropyl alcohol and reuse them in another body art work.
add other thingsYou can glue other objects into your body art.

You can use medical adhesive and other light-weight objects to create body jewelry art with henna, gilding paste, glitter and gems.

This body art work was done by Wendy Rover, and is from the 2013 HennaPage Calendar
add feathersYou can add gems and feathers to body art with medical adhesive.

Anything that is lightweight (and harmless) can be glued to skin with medical adhesive.  If the adhesive is formulated for artists' use to be applied easily with a cone,  as is Becoming Moonlight® Gilding Paste, you can do extremely complicated and imaginative work!

This body art work was done by Catherine Cartwright-Jones for the 2012 Henna Page Calendar.

Combine Gems with other gilding techniques to create an opulent appearance.


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