Use a carrot bag to Speed Sling

Carrot bags hold a lot of henna, and you can cut open the tips wide to make heavier lines. Once you get the hang of using a carrot bag, you can draw BIG graceful henna patterns.  The design above took about 3 minutes.

If you have a hot day and a sleepy person, quickly sketch on them with a watercolor pencil to make the layout.  If you have some guidelines, you can henna more quickly.

Use your carrot bag quickly, with motions like drawing with a big stick of sidewalk chalk, or a computer mouse on a very big mousepad.  Relax your arm and guide the cone from your wrist and  forearm, not from your fingertips. 

You'll be done very quickly, before your person wakes up!    I did Zimra's leg in 20 minutes, start to finish.  Because the lines had generous terped  henna and it was a hot day, she just left the henna on  until it fell off, and got very dark stains that lasted over 2 weeks.
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