Chris's Favorite Music
maintained by Roy Jones,
"Today, like every other day, we wake up empty and frightened.
Don't open the door to the study and begin reading.
Take down a musical instrument."

Jalal al-Din Rumi

what music would you like today?

This is an excellent CD for not only henna, but for bellydancing too. The music is full of great drum beats that make me want to dance, but that also relax me, center me and inspire me. I find my henna victims are not overly wiggly with this music on, but it really sets the atmosphere.

Spirit of the Rain Forest
David Arkenstone
Great drumming, nature sounds and a soothing overall sound make this one of my top favorites for henna. The music really brings to mind a lush tropical rain forest. "Path of the Jaguar" is my favorite track.

No Name Face
What can I say? I'm a rocker and Lifehouse is currently at the top of my playlist. This is great rock, not too rowdy but full of great lyrics that I just can't help but sing along with. "Hanging By A Moment" will be familiar to rock fans, "Breathing", with it's spiritually significant lyrics will be familiar to Christian music fans, and "Everything" is everything you could wish for in a rock ballad. And can we just talk about the voice of Jason Wade for a moment? He has one of the sexiest voices in the industry!

Bellydance music again. This is a great CD, the music has a real primal sound to it. This is a new CD for me, but it's already a favorite. Again, great for dancing, but not so keyed up as to keep you wiggling when you need to sit for long periods of time applying henna.

Acoustic Sketches
Phil Keaggy
Phil Keaggy is one of the greatest guitar players of our time. This CD is full of great, acoustic guitar music and it makes excellent background music for any occasion. This is simple, pure music and it's truly inspiring!

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