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"Today, like every other day, we wake up empty and frightened.
Don't open the door to the study and begin reading.
Take down a musical instrument."

Jalal al-Din Rumi

what music would you like today?

"Mob Hits"
I know this sounds kind'a silly, this is a 2-disc set that I'm sure was for sale on late night tv commercials, but it is one of my favorites! Many of the songs are recognizeable and many of the songs are so adorable that you love them immediately. My hubby is a Rat Pack fan which is what brought the album into our house to begin with. I was happy to have a copy of "Mombo Italiano" which gets me boppin' around every time, but I have since fallen in love with "Lazy Mary" and "Angelina" too! These albums always get me moving and smiling. (My parrot loves them too, because we ALWAYS play this on spaghetti night.... and that is his favorite meal!)

Kirsty MacColl "Tropical Brainstorm"
After hearing "Not in These Shoes" on NPR, I immediately ordered this CD, and now it never leaves the 5-disc tray on my stereo. Kirsty was a Brit (now deceased) who loved the Latino sound. These songs are all very original, very contemporary, with some spanish lyrics in a few songs and a tropical rythm throughout. This is a 5-star CD.

Lo'Jo "Boheme de Cristal"
This album is another that I purchased after hearing one song on NPR's World Café, and I have loved every moment since. What a great sound! This French group takes a North African sound and mixes in a gypsy feel, so you can't tell if you are listening to music from a café in Paris or from the cities of Algeria. This is a happy, buzzy album that keeps you moving.

Maria Muldaur "Louisiana Love Call"
Anything by Maria Muldaur makes me laugh and sing and cry. Best known for "Midnight at the Oasis", this Cajun inspired album is an ode to New Orleans, but doesn't pull her away from her folky/bluesy style, this is more of a swampy blues. She has a sexy, sultry voice and when you close your eyes you could swear you were at the bayou. If this is the first time you meet Maria, then after you fall in love with this CD go back and get her CD "Waitress in a Donut Shop".

Lyle Lovett "The Road to Ensenada"
Lyle Lovett tells a great tale in every song. His songs have so much style, some haunting, some sweet, some silly, so that each new track that comes on piques your interest anew and has you tapping your foot or laughing out loud. This particular album has many references to his home state of Texas, one of my favorites being his duet with Randy Newman "Long Tall Texan".... so cute!

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