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"Today, like every other day, we wake up empty and frightened.
Don't open the door to the study and begin reading.
Take down a musical instrument."

Jalal al-Din Rumi

what music would you like today?

Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love (Soundtrack)
The ultimate is to have the movie playing while you henna… but like most visual eye candy and tear-jerker stories… you’ll find yourself watching the tv to ogle the gorgeous saris and handsome Jai Kumar and not hennaeing! Next best thing is to play the soundtrack. It’s beautiful and haunting. Perfect for getting you in that henna mood and keeping your eyes on your work

Morcheeba “Who Can You Trust?”
When you want to chill, this album is amazing. Blending Skye Edwards’ soothing voice along with smooth trip hop makes for a great combination while hennaeing yourself or friends after a long stressful day at work when you just need to get away. “Trigger Hippie” has some catchy groovy Indian tabla beats in the background of the chorus break. Makes me want to go wild with henna dots, which are addictive enough when you get started. “Tape Loop” has an awesome groove. You’ll find yourself swaying to most of the disc…great for curvy henna lines. Just don’t drink too many martinis…J

Hossam Ramzy “Sabla Tolo: Journeys into Pure Egyptian Percussion”
Hossam Ramzy: Master of Percussion. No one masters the dumbek as well as Hossam. This disc as well as volume 2 will keep you energized while hennaeing late at night when you realize last minute that you need henna on yourself before a festival. This disc will inspire you to learn to drum and then you look at your drum head and realize that natural skin heads just cry out for henna. Won’t be long before your drummer friends are asking you to henna theirs! Hennaeing a drum is easy and fun!

Gotan Project “La Revancha del Tango”
Tango and henna? Trust me…it works! Gotan (anagram of tango) Project gives a modern take on tango classics resulting in an old-world, chillin’, romantic feeling that lends itself well to doing henna. I’ve even found myself bellydancing to some of the tracks! A shame there are no tracks to listen to on Amazon… listen at their site: (http://www.gotanproject.com/intro.htm à English à discography à click on the play buttons. “Vuelvo al Sur” and “Santa Maria del Buen Ayre” are my favorites, “Epoca” & “Unica Musica Brutal” (these tracks you actually hear a snippet of the female vocalist’s voice.) Many of the songs have quite an instrumental lead in before the vocalist chimes in. Great also for background music for dinner parties.

George Abdo “Belly Dance! The Best of George Abdo and His Flames of Araby Orchestra”
Feeling a little more like traditional Raqs Sharqi? This album is wonderful. Great to pack in your dance bag with your zills as backup when you’re asked to dance on the fly. There is something about George’s music that almost any bellydancer of any level can improvise to. I like putting this album on when hennaeing friends who want henna before their dance performances. Gets us in the bellydance mood.

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