Kris's Favorite Music
maintained by Roy Jones,
"Today, like every other day, we wake up empty and frightened.
Don't open the door to the study and begin reading.
Take down a musical instrument."

Jalal al-Din Rumi

what music would you like today?

Wingless Angels prod. by Keith Richards
Wingless Angels is a wonderful Rastafarian NyahBinghi album with chanting and druming. The word Nyahbinghi means "Death to all Downpressors" The sound of the bingi drum is the heartbeat of all creation. This beeing a natural and very spiritual uplifting sound it motivates me to do all types of wonderful works. It's very relaxing and healing so this makes it a wonderful album to play during henna sitings.

Rastafari Elders prod. by Ras Records
Rastafarian Elders is yet another spiritualy uplifting NyahBinghi album. This album has some vocal reasoning and teachings of what the whole movement and its people stands for. Very strong and classic chants yet again very uplifting and motivating for all things.

Augustus Pablo "East of the River Nile"
This album is one of Augustus pablos classic albums! If you do not know of Augustus pablo he is a great reggae artist. He doesnt sing thoe he plays whats called a Melodica . A melodica is a wind instrument that is played like a keyboard. He has past away many years ago sad to say ... but his music is still beeing played and will continue. He brings a very mysical style of reggae. Any Augustus Pablo album is great and is good for when you henna or anytime in fact!

Carlos Nakai "Music as Medicine"
If you don't know Carlos Nakai is a very strong yet calming Native American flute player. He has soooo many albums out and there all great. If you want something to just enjoy and get into this album is it ! You can be very relaxed hennaing during this cd.

Count Ossie "Grounation: The Indomitable Spirit of Rastafari"
This cd is a 2 cd gold collection featuring the works of the great Count Ossie who is one of JA's greatest bongo players! He has past away years ago but his music still lives on today. This album has great Nyahbinghi drums with many great Poems and interluds. Its more Jazz style than the other straight binghi albums as mentioned above. Its really uplifting and very crucial to check ! Highly Recomended!

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