Roving Horse's Favorite Music
maintained by Roy Jones,
"Today, like every other day, we wake up empty and frightened.
Don't open the door to the study and begin reading.
Take down a musical instrument."

Jalal al-Din Rumi

what music would you like today?

A Ma Zone
Zap Mama
This is one of my current favorites. It's a mix of styles- maybe all falling under the banner of World Pop. The vocals are in a combination of languages from English to French to Swahili within individual songs, with modern "beats" mixed in. The layers of vocals and styles within the tunes are fun and lovely. I love listening to this while I henna because it feels very woman positive (even though I can't understand half the lyrics) and it provides a kind of bouyancy- really helpful when your back starts to cramp and your legs fall asleep while you're working.
Talking Timbuktu
Ali Faka Toure & Ry Cooder
I have absolutely loved this disc since the first time I heard it years ago. Besides being a really cool collaboration between two of my favorite artists (and the fact that Ry Cooder has done so much to bring genres of music to the forefront that folks might not otherwise have found). This is a really nice album for focusing- it puts me right into the "zone", you know, that trancey place you get to in your work where everything but the line and the inspiration for it seems to drop out of your consciousness...ahhhhhh.
Miss Perfumado
Cesaria Evora
This is a new one for me, a friend just passed it along. It is a really neat combination of African music and Portugese fado and is just heart-rendingly beautiful. When I close my eyes and just listen I get images of exoticly moving hands, bellydancer hands, and the henna inspiration just flows. It's another great one for getting into that zone. Her voice is so beautiful.
Old Blind Dogs
This is a really upbeat mixture of traditional Scottish music backed up with D'jembes. Perhaps the best Scottish band you'll ever hear or see in life. It is hard to imagine the amount of sound produced by this traditional group coming from only five musicians. I play this for indigo inspiration and to pick up my energy if I am getting tired while working. Also very good for dancing to during minor breaks- a minute or two of movement to get the blood moving through more than just your hands. And excellent for the mixing, cleaning and organizing that go with the job, not to mention the drive to and from...I often drive to this CD and find myself half coreographing mixtures of scots and african dance while I drive...I'm sure passers by think I'm probably having a seizure or something.
Toumani Diabate
This is another meditative disc. It just seems to help generate images in my head that turn into henna lines. The music is quick without being overbearing. It sounds lovely and exotic with the layerings of kora and calimba. Nice for the soothing.

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