Here is a catelog of books, papers and articles that have material on the history, traditions, techniques, botany, and chemistry of henna.  I've included other areas of study related to henna such as design resources and symbolism. If you are doing serious research on henna, this is a good place to start looking! 

This index is alpahbetical in order of titles, and will eventually span many pages.  To look for specific topics, try going through page by page with keywords in "find in page". I presently have over 3500 references on henna and subjects that are useful as approaches to understanding henna.  I'll fill this area in gradually over the next 10 years.  Keep checking back for new material. 

The Lost Books of the Bible and the Forgotten Books of Eden
The World Publishing Company, 1963
description of early confrontation of Jews and Canaanites: notes Canaanite henna use

Abu-Lughod; "Veiled Sentiments, Honor and Poetry in Bedouin Society"
University of California Press, Los Angeles and Berkeley, 1986
ethnographic material on Bedouin women, some discussion of the significance of color

Abu Saud, Abeer: "Qatari Women, Past and Present"
 London; New York: Longman, 1984
ethnographic material on rural women in Qatar, some mention of henna

AEFTAT Congress, XIVth Proceedings, "The Biodiversity of African Plants"
Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, Boston, London, 1996
includes lawsonia inermis: henna: habitat and characteristics

African-American Institute, New York; "Beauty by Design: The Aesthetics of African Adornment";
The African American Institute, N. Y., N. Y., 1984
includes some information on African henna use 

Alloula, Malek:  "The Colonial Harem"; translation by Myrna Godzich and Wlad Godzich;
 Minneapolis:  University of Minnesota Press, c 1986
in some photographs, henna patterns, and evidence of North African henna use is visible

Alizera, Marianne; "Women of Saudi Arabia"
National Geographic Magazine, Washington D.C., Volume 172, 1987

Andronikos, Manoles: "Herakleion Museum and Archaeological Sites of Crete"
Athens: Ekdotike Athenon, 1978
henna markings visible on some figures

Apte, Usha M.; "the Sacrament of Marriage in Hindu Society, from Vedic Periods to Dharamshastras"
Ajanta Publications, Delhi, India, 1978
note that henna is NOT part of early Hindu wedding practice

Archer, W. G.; "Songs for the Bride, Wedding Rites of Rural India"
Columbia University Press, New York, 1985

Archer, W. G.; "Visions of Courtly India, The Archer Collection of Pahari Miniatures"
International Exhibitions Foundation, Washington D.C., 1976

Arnoldi, Mary Jo; "The Artistic Heritage of Somalia"
African Arts, August 1984, Volume VII, Number 4, UCLA, Los Angeles
design reference

Artists' Handicrafts Association, Cholamandal Artists' Village; Indian Art Since the Early 40's, a search for identity"
Artrends, Madras, India, 1974

Atil, Esin, "Art of the Mamluks, Renaissance of Islam"
Birdsall and Co., U. K.
design reference

Atil, Esin, " Freer Galler of Art Fiftieth Anniversiay Exhibition;  III.  Ceramics from the World of Islam"
Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C., 1973
design reference

Atil, Esin; "Islamic Art and Patronage, Treasures from Kuwait" 
Rizzoli, New York, New York, 1990
design reference

Atil, Esin, "The Age of Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent"
Harry Abrams, Inc., N.Y., N.Y., 1987
design reference

Atil, Esin, "Turkish Art"
Smithsonian Press, Washington DC, and Harry Abrams,  NY, 1980
design reference

Auboye, Jeannine; "L'Afghanistan et son Art"
Editions Cercle d'Arte, Paris, 1968

Austin, R.W.J.; "Sufis of Andalusia, The Ruh al-quds and al-Durrat al-fakhirah of Ibn Arabi"
George Allen and Unwin Ltd. London, 1971
historical material Spanish Sufis, who were some of the henna artists in medieval Spain

Bakshi, Guha,  "Flora of Murshidabad District, West Bengal, India"
Scientific Publishers, Jodpur, India, 1984 
botanical notes on lawsonia inermis: henna

Barklay, Harold;  "Buurri Al Lamaab, A Suburban Village in the Sudan"
Cornell University Press, Ithaca, N. Y., N. Y.,

Barnard, Nicholas; "Arts and Crafts of India"
Conran Octopus Limited, London, 1993

Barnes, Virginia Lee, and Boddy, Janice; "Aman, the Story of a Somali Girl"
Pantheon Books, New York, 1994

Baring, Anne and Cashford, Jules; "The Myth of the Goddess"
Arkana, Penguin Books, New York, 1991

Barnard, Nicholas; "Arts and Crafts of India"
Conran Octopus, London, 1993

Barrett, Douglas and Gray, Basil; "Painting of India"
Skira, 1963

Bayly, Susan; "Saints, Goddesses and Kings, Muslims and Christians in South Indian Society 1799 - 1900"
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1989

Beach, Milo Cleveland; "Early Mughal Painting"
Harvard University Press, London, 1987

Beckwith, Carol and Fisher, Angela; "African Marriage Rituals"
National Geographic, Washington DC, Volume 196 No. 5, November 1999
depictions of henna

Behl, Benoy;  "The Ajanta Caves, Artistic Wonder of Ancient Buddhist India"
Harry Abrams, Inc, N. Y., N. Y., 1998 
evidence of non-patterned henna use in Buddhist India

Bell, Robert; "Women of Classical Mythology"
Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1991

Ben Khader, Aicha Ben Abed; Soren David; "Carthage: A Mosaic of Ancient Tunisia"
W.W. Norton and Company, New York, 1987
shows Roman period cultural eclipse of previous henna using culture

Berinstain, Valerie; "India and the Mughal Dynasty"
Discoveries, Harry N Abrams, Inc.

Berman, L. and Letellier, B., "Pharaohs, Treasures of Egyptian Art from the Louvre", The Cleveland Museum of Art in association with Oxford University Press, 1996, 

Berman, Nancy; "The Art of Hanukkah"
Hugh Lauter Levin Associates, Inc., 1996
"hennaed hand" blessing patterns in menorahs from the Middle East

Berns, Marla; "Decorated Gourds of Northeastern Nigeria"
African Arts, November 1985, Volume XIX, Number 1, UCLA,  Los Angeles 
design resource

Bhanawat, Mahendra, : "Menhadi Rang Rachi, Folkloric Study of Colourful Myrtle"
Bhartiya Lok-kala Mandal,  Udaipur, Rajasthan, 1976
henna traditions and patterns

Biedermann, Hans: "Dictionary of Symbolism"
Facts on File, New York, Oxford,  1989
design reference

Bishop, Clifford; "Sex and Spirit"
Time -Life Books, Alexandria, Virginia; 1996

Black, Jeremy, and Anthony Green, : "Gods, Demons and Symbols of Ancient Mesopotamia, an Illustrated Dictionary", 
University of Texas, Austin, Texas, 1997
geographical and historical placement of beliefs and deities, some of which include  henna traditions

Blackwell, Alice Stone: "Armenian Poems, Rendered into English Verse" 
Robert Chambers, Boston, Mass, 1917
subtle references to hennaed hands on beautiful brides and young girls

Blackwell, Basil; "Ikats, Woven Silks from Central Asia, the Rau Collection"; 
Basil Blackwell, Ltd., Oxford, UK, 1988

Blair, S. and Bloom, J; "The Art and Architecture of Islam, 1250 - 1800"
Yale University Press, New Haven, 1994

Blayley, Thomas Lindsey; "A Journey in Morocco: "The Land of the Moors"
National Geographic Magazines, July- Dec, 1911

Blurton, Richard; "Hindu Art", 
Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1992

Boddy, Janice, : Wombs and Alien Spirits, Women, Men, and the Zar Cult in Northern Sudan"
The University of Wisconsin Press, Wisconsin, 1989
excellent details on henna use in Zar

Boddy, Janice; "Womb as oasis: the symbolic context of Pharonic circumcision in rural Northern Sudan"
The American Ethnological Society, 1982
excellent analysis of drought as a threat to fertility in an arid climate, adds to understanding the use of henna as purifier and preserver of fertility

Bose,  Sankaranarayanan, Gupta, "Chemistry of Lac"
Indian Lac Research Institute, Nankum, Ranchi, Bihar, 1954
lac is a red body paint used instead of henna in much of India

Brauer, Erich, "The Jews of Kurdistan"
Wayne State University Press, Detroit, 1993
references to Jewish henna traditions in Kurdistan

Brooklyn Botanic Garden,  "Dye Plants and Dyeing"
Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Brooklyn, N.Y., 1964
info on dying fabric with henna

Brown, C. Mackenzie; "The Triumph of The Goddess"
State University of New York Press, Albany, NY; 1990

Brown, Percy; Indian Painting under the Mughals, A.D. 1550 to A.D. 1750"
Oxford at the Clarendon Press 1924 

Bruce-Mitford, Miranda, "The Illustrated Book of Signs and Symbols" 
DK Publishing, New York, 1996
design reference, with picture of hennaed hands

Budge, E. Wallis: "Amulets and Talismans"
Macmillan Company, 1970
design reference, with good info on "the evil eye" and approaches to charms and spells used by henna artists

Budge, E. Wallis: " The Mummy, Chapters on Egyptian Funeral archaeology"
Biblo and Tannen, N. Y., N. Y., 1964

Burland, Cottie A.; "The Exotic White Man"
Verlag Anton Schroll and C. Vienna and Munich, 1969

Bushnaq, Iner; "Arab Folktales"
Pantheon Books, New York, 1986
interesting folktales about brides and marital relationships, adds insight to henna practices

Bussabarger, robert F., Robins, Betty Dashew; "The Everyday Art of India"
Dover Publications, New York, 1968

Bussagli, Mario and Calembus, Sivaramamurti: "5000 Years of the Art of India"
Harry Abrams Inc. New York

Bussagli, Mario; "Painting of Central Asia"
Skira, Geneva, 1963 

Canby Sheila R.; "The Golden Age of Persian Art, 1501-1722"
Harry N. Abrams, Inc., New York, 1999 

Canby Sheila R.; "Persian Painting"
Thames and Hudson, New York, 1993

Carroll, David; "The Taj Mahal, India under the Moguls"
Newsweek, New York, 1972

Carey, John; "Eyewitness to History"
Harvard University Press, Cambridge, 1987
Flaubert had an Egyptian mistress who had a pet hennnaed lamb

Cawthorne, Nigel; "Secrets of Love, The Erotic Arts Through the Ages"
Harper San Francisco, New York, 1997
interesting depictions of henna, one on a 19th c Persian effeminate homosexual 

Chadwick, John; "The Mycenaean World", 
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK, 1997

Cheilik, Michael, :"Ancient History" 
Harper Collins  Publishers, N.Y., N.Y., 1991

Chowdhrey, Prem:  "The Veiled Woman, shifting Gender Equations in Rural Harayana  1880-1990" 
Oxford University Press, Delhi, 1994

Clement, Clara Erskine, "Constantinople, The City of the Sultans"
Estes and Lauriat, Boston, 1895

Cloudsley, Anne,: "Women of Omdurman, Life Love, and the Cult of Virginity"
St. Matin's Press, New York, 1983

Comfort, Alex; The Illustrated Koka Shastra"
Simon and Schuster Editions, New York , 1997

Compton, Linda Fish, " Andalusian Lyrical Poetry and Old Spanish Love songs: the Muwashshah and its Karja" 
New York University Press, New York, 1976

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New York, The Century Company

Corbin, Henry; Cottevielle-Giraudet; David-Weill; De Lory; Salles; "Les Artes de l'Iran L'Ancienne Perse et Bagdad"
Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris, 1938
design reference

Coulson, Michael; "Sanskrit, an Introduction to the Classical Language"
Teach Yourself Books, Chicago, 1992 
design reference if you like to write sanskrit words in henna

Courtright, Paul; "Ganesa, Lord of Obstacles, Lord of Beginnings"
Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1985 

Craven, Roy: "Indian Art"
Thames and Hudson, New York, London, 1997

Craven, Roy: "Sanchi: Buddhism's Great Monument in India"
Arts of Asia, January 1980, Volume 10 Number 1, Hong Kong

D'Ambra, Eve,  "Roman Art"
      Cambridge University Press, 1998, Cambridge, UK

Danielou, Alain; "The Complete Kama Sutra, The First Unabridged Translation of the Classic Indian Text by Vatsayana"
        Park Street Press, Rochester, Vermont. 1994 

D'Avennes, Prisse; "Arabic Art in Color"
Dover Publications, New York, 1978 
design resource

Davis, Fanny: "The Ottoman Lady, a Social History from 1718 to 1918"
Greenwood Press, New York, Westport, London, 1986

Davis, Fanny; "The Palace of Topkapi in Intanbul"
Charles Schribner's Sons, New York, 1970

Davis, Susan Schaefer, : "Patience and Power, Women's Lives in a Moroccan Village"
Schenkman Publishing Company, Inc, Cambridge, Mass, 

de Calatchi, Robert; "Oriental Carpets"
Alpine Fine Arts Collection Ltd.; London, 1994
design resource

Dehejia, Vidya:  "Indian Art" 

Delaney, Carol, "The Seed and the Soil, Gender and Cosmology in Turkish Village Society"
University of California Press, Berkeley, Los Angeles, Oxford, 1991
excellent information on Turkish wedding henna tradition

De Moor, Johannes C.: "The Seasonal Pattern in the Ugaritic Myth of Ba'lu, according to the Version of Ilimiku" 
Verlag Butzon & Berjer Kevalaer, Neukirchener Verlag des Erziehungsvereins Neukirchen-Vluyn,1971
translation of Ugaritic text with detail of bridal henna use

De Silva, von Simpson, Troutman, "Love and Marriage", Volume 5 of "Man through his Art"
New York Geographic Society, 1968
has reproduction of Aldobrandini Wedding showing Syrian/Roman wedding that appears to be a Night of the Henna

Dexiu, HE, "A Brief Report on the Mummies from the Zaghunluq Site in Charchan County" from "The Bronze Age and Earlyu Iron Age Peoples of Eastern Central Asia", Volume 1
Institute for the Study of Man, , Washington, D.C., 1998
Bronze age hennaed fingernails in Central Asia

Dimand, Maurice; Grube, Ernst; Jackson, Williams; "The Khamsa of Nizami, 1524-25"
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, 1969

Dorsky, Susan, " Women of Amran, A Middle Eastern Ethnographic Study"
University of Utah Press, Salt Lake City
ethnography, with night of the henna information

Drewal, Henry John; Pemberton, John III; Abiodun, Rowland; "Yoruba, Nine Centuries of Aftican Art and thought"
Henry Abrams Inc. New York, 1989
scarification in patterns identical  to Moroccan henna patterns

Droiton, Etienne; Contenau, Georges; and Duchesne-Guillemin, Jacques; "Religions of the Ancient East"
Hawthorn Books, New York; 1958

D'Ucel, Jeanne : "Berber Art, an Introduction"
University of Oklahoma Press, Norman, Oklahoma, 1932
historical material on Amazigh art, some Amazigh history, excellent information and design resource

Dundes, Alan;  "Interpreting Folklore, Wet and Dry, the Evil Eye"
Indiana University Press, Bloomington, Indiana, 1980
excellent anthropological interpretation of the Evil Eye, crucial to understanding henna traditions

Ehnbom, Daniel: "Indian Miniatures, The Ehrenfeld Collections"
Hudson Hills Press, New York, 1985

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design resource

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design resource

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some henna material

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photographs include women with henna

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details on Gypsy henna use at wedding

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red body art tradition for young women, parallel to henna

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mentions of henna use in burns, and cultural tensions about henna and sexuality

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design resource

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botanical info on henna

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design resource

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some henna material, ethnography

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design resouce if you like to write in Farsi

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Hansen, Henny Harald: "Daughters of Allah, among Moslem women in
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some henna material

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botanical information on henna

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some henna material

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design resource

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botanical information on henna

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henna in hair dye

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references to Anath and henna

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design resource

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henna references in poetry

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design reference

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henna in hair dye

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some info on henna

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