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Naturalistic Henna:

Naturalistic Henna

Yoga for the Henna Artist

"Happy Hands" presented by Catharine (Hennacat) Hinton (23 MB wmv )
This video shows yoga techniques for the henna artist: relaxing and strengthening hands, wrists, and backs for comfort and endurance in those important henna jobs!

Watch a Professional Henna Artist at Work:

Watch Riffat Bahar create magnificent patterns on a bride's hand!

"Artist at Work" Kim Brennan (40MB wmv file)
Watch a henna artist create beautiful henna patterns!

"Meet the Artist": Kim Brennan  (11 MB wmv file)
Watch the author of Mehndi Masala create one of the lovely patterns from her book!

"Artist at Work": Deborah Brommer  ( 20 MB wmv file)
Watch the author of "Aloha" at work!

"Artist at Work": Deepali Deshpande  ( 13 MB wmv file)
The author of "The Glory of Henna" shows how to fine detail to decorate a simple subject.

"Artist at Work": Neeta Sharma  ( 15 MB wmv file)
Neeta demonstrates a motif from her book "Sangeet."

"Artist at Work": Jessica McQueen  ( 16 MB wmv file)
Quicktime version (26MB MP4 file)
Have a look over the shoulder of the author of "Arabesque."

Roll a Henna Cone:

See "HowTo" slideshows of Harquus:

A SAFE black body paint used to make temporary tattoos

Harquus: the SAFE black bodypaint

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