The Bud

the Bud  Bud4
1) These are Buds.
The Bud is a very small leaf.  The Bud is one of the most common elements in henna patterning, India and elsewhere.  Leaves and flowers bud at the end of a drought, at the onset of  life-giving rain.  The bud is used as a metaphor for new love and new life, fertility and joy.  A bud is a thing of joy!

whirl pull1  whirl pull2
  To make the Bud, roll the henna around in a tight little dot, then pull a tail out of the whirl.
You can pull the tail out from the center of the whirl, or out to the side.  A bit of the henna is dragged out of the whirl, so it makes a nice smooth Bud shape.

Bud 5
3) Practice your Buds.
Whirl and roll the little spirals tight and neat,  and try to make consistant little buds.
Perfectly rolled Buds are a thing of beauty!

4) Pair up your Buds along a line.

5) Make a wavy vine of Buds.
A budding vine is often a metaphor for a growing family.  Many a young man has become  enraptured with a lady who had a handfull of Buds, and soon after found they had a growing family.

6) Make fine stems of Buds!
Practice rolling Buds for speed, consistency and accuracy.

7) Bud some flowers!

8) Bud a paisley.

9) Ready to score some Buds?  Click on the image above for two hands full of Buds!

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