The Cursive S
cursive s
1) The Cursive S
The cursive S is a lovely thing.  Many people curse their SS's and fail to appreciate their beauty.

cursive sssss
2) Make a row of simple S's
These are lazy S's who don't aspire to do anything beyond a third grade penmanship S.  They make nice leaves and flower petals.

3) Curl the S up tighter, and exaggerate the curls.
These are Tight S's.  Though most people complain about tight S's, they do make lovely flower petals!

fat S
4) Make the S  full and round
There are those who find a Fat S to be a thing of wonderment and beauty. Use these to make beautiful flowers.

Skinny S
5) Make a skinny S
So many people look at their S's and wish they were thin.  Skinny S's are good for pointy leaves and petals.

diminish s
6)  Practice a rows of diminishing S's.
Diminishing S's are great for fern-like branches.  It is not necessary to go hungry to diminish these S's..

Shake your S
7) A kick in the S!
Kick up the tail of your S!

Shakin S
8) Make a bracelet of kicking S's , down a wavy vine!

Curvy S
9) Make a curvy vine of S's

10) Wind lazy S's around a center for an easy flower; a lazy S flower.

flowers flowers3
9) Try making tight S flowers, fat S flowers, kick-S flowers and skinny S flowers.

flowers 4
10) Double your S's by pairing up big S's and little S's!

s blackwards

s backwards2
11) To make lovely ferns, you'll have to get your S on backwards. This takes practice!

Want some kick S patterns?
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S kicking patterns

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