This figure looks a bit like a rope with knots tied in it.  A series of these knots looks like a graceful leaf.  This is one of my favorite elements: it's easy to do, and it can be used to quickly make large, expressive leafy designs..

Knot 1
1) You can get a merit badge if you learn to tie your knots perfectly!

Knots 2
2) Draw your henna line into a loop, then make a tight scribble, like you're tying a knot.
When you do this in henna, let the paste form a little blob.

Knot 3
3) Tie knot after knot, in a row, and decrease the size with each knot.

Knots 4
4) Practice doing strings of knots to make leaves reaching for the sunshine.

5) Practice doing strings of knots to make leaves drooping from the rain.

What Knot
6) Make the knots curl over like fern leaves.

Pair Up Knots
7) Make the knots over and under.

Getting Knotted
8) Practice different numbers of knots for smaller and larger leaves.

Knot Knine
9) Start growing ferns with your knots!

Big fern
10) Knot leaf ferns make great easy arm bands.

Want to earn that merit badge?
Knotty Hands
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