The Open Heart
The Open Heart
1) This is the Open Heart
Its a heart that doesn't close at the bottom point.

An open heart is an occasion of grace
2) A row of these open hearts looks like little flower petals.

Sometimes you get blown away
3) If you tip them to the side, they also look like leaves.

Sometimes openheartedness diminishes
4)  Practice making rows of open hearts, larger and smaller, and try to get them neat and even.

Openheartedness can make things grow a little
5) Run them along a wavy line to make a vine.

Sometimes things grow more
6)  Double them up.

sometimes openhearted people will share a bud with you  and roll it up tight
7) Cluster open hearts to make leaves

openhearted people are like flowers they wilt when abused treat them gently
8) A circle of open hearts makes a flower

A bouquet of open hearts
9) Wear your open hearts around your arm (but not on your sleeve!)

Open your heart
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