Kitty Whiskers
Is that milk?  Can we share?
Kitty Whisker
1) This is a Kitty Whisker. 
Its easiest to make kitty whiskers with stringy henna, so you can drape a graceful line.

Kitty Whisker 2
2) This is a Kitty Whisker with a drop of milk at the tip.

Kitty whisker with milk
Make the milk drop on the kitty whisker by making a little twirl at the end of the line.

kitty whisker
3) This is a Kitty Whisker from a kitty that got into the whipped cream.

whipped cream whiskers
Make whipped cream drops with a double twirl.

Kitty got into the buttermilk
4) This is a Kitty Whisker that got into buttermilk.

buttermilk whisker
Make the buttermilk whiskers with a backwards turn and a twirl.

Is that catnip?  Can we share?
Whiskers always come in expressive arrays, depending on Kitty's mood.

Oh for joy, here's some milk!
5) Make happy Kitty Whiskers.

Even better, here's tuna!
6) Make alert Kitty Whiskers

oh lord its sauerkraut juice  you bought the cheap cat food again 
7) Make mopey Kitty Whiskers.
my food dish is empty
Shake the shiny kitty toy!  Vindaloo flavored kittyfood
8) Make  graceful, quixotic Kitty Whiskers.

Is it a mouse or a pickle?  Bouncing sideways and arching back 
9) Combine types and directions of Kitty Whiskers.

leaping gracefully about
10) Expand Kitty Whiskers into larger arrays.

tearing around the apartment attacking a wad of paper

leaping into the air for the sparkly toy

chase each other up and down the stairs
11) Arrange Kitty Whiskers around wavy lines.

Ready to expand into full designs?

Play with me!  Play with me!
Kitty wants to play!
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