Pug Tails
This may be the first henna squiggle you ever did!
Happy Pug Tail
1) This is a Pug Tail. 
You see this when the pug thinks he's going to get a treat!
Pugs are wonderful
Pug dogs are great creatures!

Sad pug tail
2) This is a sad Pug Tail. 

You see this when the pug isn't getting any of your ice cream.

A row of pug tails
3) Practice a row of Pug Tails.
These tails are very happy because they're getting cuddles.

upsydownsy Pug Tails
4) Practice a row of Upsy-Downsy Pug Tails.

Twisty Twiny Tails
5) Make a row of Twisty Twiney Pug Tails.

Diminishing Pug Tails
6) Make a row of diminishing Pug Tails.

Stacked Pug Tails
7) Stacking Pug Tails

Sprout Pug Tails
8) Sprouting Pug Tails

Blooming Pug Tails
10) When Pugs roamed wild and free in the mountains of Puggsylvania, they often came home with leaves and flowers stuck in their tails.

Pugs are the best dogs ever
Leafy Tails 1
He snores pug snores

blooming pugssnuffle snort snuffle
Pug tails make pretty bases for leaves and flowers.

Pug snores are celestial musicand pug kisses are angel touches
11) Pug Tails make Paislies easy!

Puggy Love
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