The Hump
The hump is the most frequently used element in Indian Bridal henna pattterns.  Practice perfect humps, multihumps, parallelohumps, humptybumps, daisyhumps, poseyhumps, filler humps and borderhumps.  Happy Humping! 

The Hump
1) The Hump

2) Practice making rows of humps.
 Try to make multihumps perfectly even and very fast.

double multihumps
3) Make parallel rows of humps.
Parallelohumps are bracelet basics.

4) Do a double row of humps to make  humptibumps.
Humptibumps are great for edging larger patterns.

5) Pile up rows  of humps like bubble froth for bubblehumps.
Bubblehumps are great for filling up blank spaces.  It takes practice to get these perfectly even. Try filling whole lines of notebook paper with fast, even bubblehumps.

6)  Wind humps around a dot to make daisyhumps. 
Practice daisyhumps until you can make a row of them quickly, with all the petals even.

Flower Humps
7) Wind humps around a circle to make poseyhumps.
Again, practice poseyhumps until you can make them perfectly even every time.

A band of happy humps
8) Try combining daisyhumps with paralellohumps.

Humping on the edge
9) Practice humping along the edge of a wavy line with perfectly even humps.

Border Humping
10) Humping on the edge of a figure is a great coverup for a less-than-perfect border line.

Ready to do some whole humping patterns?
Click on the Hump Hands below for full size images!!

Hump Hands

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