The Seed
A Seed
1) This is a Seed
The Seed is a little blob of henna, that you make with a quick, firm squeeze on your henna cone.

Seed catalog
2) You can make different Seeds by pressing less or more on your cone, and pulling the line out or keeping it still. 
Make long ones, round ones, tapering ones, fat ones, skinny ones. These look like rice, watermelon seeds, orange pips, tomato seeds, radish seeds, sesame seeds .... all the good stuff!

row of seeds
upsy downsy
viney seeds
3) Plant rows of Seeds.

Seeds make flowers
Bloomin seeds!
4) Seeds bloom into flowers

Viney Twiney
5) Seeds curl along vines

Seeds with pulpAvocado in drag?ferny
6) Seeds often have pulp or shells around them.
Contrast the fine lines to the larger seeds for a more dramatic pattern

Pomegranate pipsPine cone seeds
7) Seeds can come in clusters
These make great fill motifs

another flowerand anotherand yet another
8) Seeds and fine lines make beautiful flowers

A handfull of Seeds
Want more?  Click HERE or on the image above for a handful of seeds!

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