The ZiggyZoggy
1) This is the ZiggyZoggy

2) This is a repeating ZiggyZoggy. 
Make a nice, even ziggyzoggy on lined paper.

When you do a ziggyzoggy with naturally stringy or dextrosed henna, you can touch down the cone at the top and bottom of each ziggy, and drap the zoggy between the points.

3) This is a Repeating ZiggyZoggy between two lines.
When you're working with henna, make the two straight lines first.  When they have dried slightly, henna the ZiggyZoggy.  Its easy to touch the henna to a partly dried lines, then zoggy it to the next line.  Don't try to ZiggyZoggy between two wet henna lines, or you'll MessyMooshy your ZiggyZoggy.

4) This is a Repeating ZiggyZoggy across a line.
When you're working with henna, make the t straight line first.  When it has dried slightly, henna the ZiggyZoggy.   Don't try to ZiggyZoggy over the wet henna line, or you'll MessyMooshy your KrissyKrossy ZiggyZoggy.  This pattern is the basis of many North African henna patterns.

Ziggy Zoggy2
5) Try making a ParalelloZiggyZoggy.
Practice for speed and accuracy.  In Indian henna work, this is a "lahariya" pattern, and is a symbol of ripping water, the rainy season, fertility and abundance.

Ziggy Zoggy
6) Make a Fishnet ZiggyZoggy
Lay in your ZiggyZoggy point to point to make a net pattern.  This is the basis of GREAT filler henna work.

Practice your ZiggyZoggies! Mess around with your ZiggyZoggies! Fill up a whole sheet of notebook paper!

Dot that Fishnet ZiggyZoggy!

Wave that ZiggyZoggy!

Fill that ZiggyZoggy!

Combine the ZiggyZoggy with humps and smaller ZiggyZoggies

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