1) This is a Fishbone.
Touch down the point of your henna cone to begin, and drape a line ... then touch down the cone to end the fishbone.  You can make fine, sleek, straight fishbones by draping naturally stringy henna or henna paste with added dextrose.

2) Fishbones are space fillers. 
Draw your long henna lines first, and let them dry a little.  Drape your fishbones between the partly dried henna lines.  That will make it easier to have a clean start and stop to your fishbones.  If you try to draw fishbones between wet henna lines, you'll get blops and smears. Make fishbones evenly and quickly, with light, fast, draping strokes.

3) Make Fishbones from a center line.
Make them as neat and even as you possibly can.  Make them fine and tight.

ZiggyZoggy Fishbones
4) Braid Fishbones in a ZiggyZoggy.
Draw your boundary lines and ZiggyZoggy first and let it dry a bit.  Then braid Fishbones.

Woven Fishbones
5) Weave Fishbones.
Draw your boundary lines, and divide squares within the boundaries.  Weave Fishbones into these squares.

Fishbone Leaf

Fishbone Peaks

Wavy Fishbones
6) Practice filling different shapes with Fishbones
Always draw the outlines first, and let the henna dry slightly,  then put in the fishbones.

Paisley Fishbone2
7) Try filling a figure with many kinds of fishbones.
Tiny, neat Fishbones look best.  Practice makes perfect!

Fishbone Hands
8) Click on the image above for Fishbone Hands!

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