The Game
"The Game is The Game"
Brother Mouzone: "The Wire"

The Game
1) This is the Game.
In India, board games of chance and strategy have always been popular, especially as a pastime of the upper classes.  In the epic Mahabarata Shakuni invited Yudhisthara to a game of dice, wherein the Pandavas lost their kingdom to the Kauravas. This simple representation of a game board is a traditional Indian henna pattern dating at least to the late 19th century, and continues to be included in contemporary patterns.  Artists may include this pattern as a metaphor for the "game of chance" that is a marriage, or as an expression of games as an enjoyable holiday activity.

Game 3
2) Start the Game by draping parallel lines, and allow them to dry slightly. 
Naturally stringy paste, or paste mixed with dextrose will make these lines much easier!
For information on henna and dextrose, go HERE!
For information on draping straight lines with stringy paste, go HERE!

Game 4

3) Drape crossing lines.  If the first lines are too wet, the squares may smear.

4) Fill the squares. 
Its much easier to get a clean fill when the lines are nearly dry.

5) Try different Games!

Game 8

Game 7

Game 9

Game 10
6) Do you need to stop and fan yourself?

Game 11
7) Put your heart into the game!

Game hands
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