Use Pros Aide Adhesive "The Original" Liquid
to Create Shimmering "White Henna" Waterproof Body Art

I mention products by name when I have personally found them to be safe and effective.

'White henna' golden Gauntlets
Use Pros-Aide Adhesive
"The Original" Liquid
to Create 'White Henna' Waterproof Body Art

 Apply Pros-Aide Adhesive "The Original" Liquid with a brush, then dust it with glitter, gilding powder, or Mehron Metallic powder to create long-lasting waterproof body art. 

Apply liquid Pros-Aide with a brush; a sharp #2 brush works well.  As you paint, remove drying adhesive from your brush by wiping it with an alcohol pad or rinsing in 91% isopropyl when the adhesive gets gummy or difficult to brush. 

Liquid Pros-Aide can be applied with a cone, but it is runny and difficult to work with. 
Create body art with Pros-Aide Adhesive
"The Original" Liquid

Materials for 'white henna'

Do you want to do shimmering body art with Pros-Aide Liquid? You will need these things. 
A drop of 'white henna' in a cap
Put a drop of Pros-Aide Liquid onto the top of a clean, dry cap (such as the twist-off cap from a bottle) and adhere the cap to the disposible plate. 

This will help keep the adhesive secure so it doesn't tip over.  If this adhesive spills, it makes a sticky mess that is difficult clean up.  Do everything you can to keep yourself and your work area tidy.

Keep the bottle of Pros-Aide Liquid closed so the adhesive will not dry out, and to avert accidents.
a few drops of 'white henna' in a cap
Use a straw as a pipette to pick up a few drops of Pros-Aide Liquid from the bottle; drip the liquid into the cap. Use only a few drops at a time, so it won't dry out before you can paint with it.  Dry glue cannot be thinned out and reused.

This product does not contain latex, but some people are allergic to adhesives.  Do not use this product on any person who is allergic to band-aids.

If you get this product on clothing, rinse it out with 91% isopropyl alcohol before it dries.  Soap and water will not remove Pros-Aide Liquid from clothing.

A neck, chest, face, back, belly, arms and shaved legs are ideal places to apply Pros-Aide Liquid Adhesive.  If you apply this product to hairy skin, removal will be as difficult as getting bubble gum out of a cocker spaniel's ear. You can remove dry adhesive from skin by rubbing it with the sticky side of scotch tape.
sketch a pattern first for 'white henna' Before you apply this body art, clean the person's skin.  Remove lotion, sunblock, and anything else that might spoil the pattern, or make it difficult for the adhesive to stick to the skin

You can do a far more complex pattern if you sketch it out first.

Dampen the skin slightly with a moist cloth or spray bottle.  Sketch your pattern lightly onto damp skin  with an aquarellable pencil.  Pros-Aide liquid dries transparent very quickly, so it is difficult to keep track of what you're drawing, and some guidelines will help.

Paint in the sketch with Pros-aide
This brushwork technique is completely unlike applying henna with a cone.  If you haven't done this before, follow these instructions and practice on yourself before you try to work on someone else.

Use a small brush to apply the pattern.  As the glue dries on the brush, wipe away the dry bit with an alcohol pad. 
Pros-Aide dries transparent The glue will begin to dry quickly. If your lines are thin, the glue will be dry in five minutes. When the body glue becomes completely transparent, and you can't see any more white, it is dry enough to apply glitter.
Brush glitter on 'white henna
When the glue is completely dry and transparent, brush cosmetic grade polyester glitter on, and brush away excess.  Brush very lightly to spread the glitter exactly where you want it to go.
More colors on 'white henna' Do you want a design with many colors?  You can brush in more colors, but the colors may blend together.  
Brush, and rinse excess glitter from 'white henna'
Brush away the excess with a wide brush or a blusher brush, or a soft dry, washcloth.  Rinse off excess glitter, metallic powder, or gilding powder and the aquarellable pencil outline with your water spray bottle and a paper towel.   Water will not disturb the pattern!
add more 'white henna' Do you want to add more, clearly separate colors?  Apply more glue and let that dry.
Brush in more colors
When your second glue application is dry, brush in another glitter color. 
clear excess glitter from 'white henna' Brush away the excess with a blusher brush or a wide, flat brush.
'white henna' becomes shimmering beauty
 No more worries about aftercare!   The person can put clothing on over this body art.  The person can shower, and the art will not come off!  This body art will last between three and ten days, depending on how the person takes care of their art.
clean 'white henna' brushes Clean your brushes with 91% isopropyl alcohol any time the Pros-Aide Adhesive seems to be dragging  at the brush, and when you set your brush down for a few minutes. When you are done, clean your  brushes thorougly with isopropyl alcohol.  Dried glue can not be removed from brushes.
more cowbell'white henna' freehand work
Brush gilding powder with Pros-Aide Adhesive "The Original" Liquid for shimmering effects. The darker the skin, the more dramatic the effect!

Glitter over Pros-Aide Original liquid adhesive may last two weeks.

Mica powder over Pros-Aide Original liquid adhesive may last one week.
Metallic powder over 'white henna'
Mehron Metallics over Pros-Aide Original liquid adhesive looks spectacular, but usually only lasts a few days, because the metals tarnish when in contact with skin.  The silver lasts for several days, the bronze lasts only one day.

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