Hygiene for Henna Artists
Angela Diller c 2004

As a henna artist you will come in contact with many people, one after another, all through the day! As we all know, different people have different levels of cleanliness. Perfectly clean people may have a cold, flu, chickenpox, at a contagious stage of the disease, and be unaware that they have more than a headache.  If you sit next to that person with your henna, you are exposed to their airborn bacteria and viruses. When you touch a person to henna, you touch their viruses and bacteria. You can pass one person's contagious disease on to the next client. So, in an effort to keep yourself clean and healthy as well as your clients, there are some basic rules that all body workers should follow. 

First off, sanitize everything as best you can. This can be achieved with a simple bottle of rubbing alcohol. Wiping down your tray, implements, clients, and hands is crucial! If you use a “J” bottle, tips should be wiped down between clients. Keeping your tips in a small dish of alcohol is an easy way to keep them clean and prevent clogs. It will also keep those wood sticks clean. Periodically wiping down your chair, particularly the armrests (and headrest if you are in a shop setting) will help keep the bad cooties away. Keep alcohol in a spritz bottle to frequently wash hands if you are in a festival setting. Don’t like touching those yukky feet? Spritz them down thoroughly and wipe. It’s nice and clean for you, and cooling for the client during the summer weather. It also kills that cheese-foot odor that we have all experienced.  If you are in a shop setting, WASH YOUR HANDS BETWEEN EACH CLIENT!! It will help you stay free of cold and flu bugs, and prevent you from passing that “sneeze” to the next client. 

Finally, think disposable. Paper towels, tissues, cotton balls. Use things you can throw away, do not use reuseable cloth.

Following a few simple steps can really help you and your clients stay healthier! You will get better stains because the skin is CLEAN too! Make them part of your henna routine!

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