Copyright Law for Henna Artists
by Catherine Cartwright-Jones

Copyrighting and Protecting Images for Henna Artists
Olena Wilsanetsky 2010

How to create a custom brush in GIMP for easy watermarking
Victoria, of Blurberrybuzz Body Art

Insurance for Henna Artists
Clowns of the US provides liability insurance that will cover henna artists!

Guidelines for hennaing Pregnant Women (and for hennaing while pregnant!)
by Catharine Hinton

First Aid  and Liability for Henna Artists
by Catharine Hinton

Risk Assessment for Henna Artists
by Catharine Hinton

Planning your Mehendi Season 
by Justine Willowhawk
So….You want to work in a Tattoo Shop? 
by Angela Diller 

Doing Henna in a Salon
By Holly Pagnacco

How to handle clients who appear to be experiencing non-consensual physical / sexual / mental violence
by Catharine Hinton

Hygiene for Henna Artists
by Angela Diller

The Classic Rant: So, you want to be a Professional Henna Artist?
by Catherine Cartwright-Jones

Forum Archive posts on "Henna and Business" 

The FDA's Statement on Henna
In the USA, the FDA currently does not approve henna for use as body art, though it has unrestricted use for hair.  Thus far, this has only been enforced through customs seizures of henna that has unlisted ingredients, henna that appears to be for body art, and pre-made pastes.  Pure henna labeled "henna for hair" is rarely, if ever, seized in customs.  

Canada's Statement on Henna
In Canada, henna is approved for use as body art as long as it is not PPD Black Henna.   

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