BLACK Henna---What happened to me!!!!

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Posted by Mandy Lane on June 01, 1998 at 16:58:42:

Well to begin, this was the first time for Black henna with me. and
this is what happened!!

I mixed the "black henna powder" with lemon juice, eucalyptus oil,
black strong coffee. Made myself a wonderful thick paste. I then,
free handed a nice moony type pattern on my ankle. I had applied a
little eucalyptus oil before applying the paste. I did my design
thickly, and let it pretty much dry, and did the lemon and sugar
thing. Let it dry, and I covered it with tissue and tape, and let it
remain for 3 1/2 hours...I about died waiting this long...anyhow, this
is what happened next.

I removed the tissue, and some of the henna came off with it..which
was big deal!! then, I tried to scrape the henna
off...OOPPSS...Didn't come off that easy. Sooo, I had to use the side
of my drivers license to get the remaining paste off, because I didn't
want to wet the area to lose my design.

After removing it, I thought it looked a little swollen, but no big
deal, RIGHT?

After about 5 hours, the are became inflamed and swollen. Everywhere
the So Called BLACK henna was, now is a red swollen area, and full of
small watery blisters that look like Poison Ivy...and it itches and
burns like poison ivy. Now, I thought..Okay..I did something
wrong...Yeah right...The brown has NEVER EVER done this to me
before...but I had to be like a Madonna, and try this stuff....

Well, today, I sit at work, hacking around on my keyboard, and this
thing on my leg is itching and swollen, full of blisters. I have
gauze on it, with some Hydrocortizone sauve on it....talking about

I plan on doing one more small area...a test area on myself to be sure
its the Henna....

Has anyone else had this problem?? Please email me, or write on this
forum...Everyone needs to know this, to save everyone else this pain.
Oh yeah..One more little interesting factor....The ingredients onthe
box said...100% pure black henna....Uh huh...YEAH RIGHT!!! There is no
such thing, and there wasn't any other ingredients listed....but I did
get a nice black a Charcoal grey....however, I went
swimming yesterday, hoping the chlorine would dry the blisters, and it
disappeared almost instantly!!!!

What a farce!!!! BLACK HENNA...YEAH RIGHT!!!

One disatisfied customer!!


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