Bridal Henna

Tje pattern above is adapted from "Love Mehndi" by Kiran Sahib
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Bridal henna is one of the oldest and most widespread henna traditions.  Bridal henna traditions originate in late Neolithic fertility religions in the eastern Mediterranean, and spread from there across many countries: from the west coast of Africa east to Malaysia and Fiji, from South Africa north to Armenia.  Bridal henna is done in the same way by Muslims, Christians, Jews, Roma, Zoroastrians, Sikhs, and Hindus in the countries where henna is available enough to be a tradition.

Arab Bridal Henna

Lailet al Hinna fi Sharq’ia: Night of the Henna in Sharq’ia by Penni AlZayer

Turkish Bridal Henna

Muslim Bridal Henna from Singapore

Hindu Bridal Henna

Hindu Wedding  by Dipti Desai
This free ebook explains the sequence of parties and rituals for Gujarati Hindu weddings, the meaning and importance of the traditions, and photographs of the events.
PDF, 54 pages,  5 MB download

Jewish Bridal Henna

Kurdish Jewish Bride's Betrothal Henna Traditions

Kurdish Jewish Bride's Lel Hinne Bedulge:  "the False Henna Night"

A Kurdish Jewish Bride's Lel Hanna "Night of the Henna"

Kurdish Jewish Bridegroom's Lel Hanna "the Night of the Henna"

Biblical Reference to Bridal Henna

Early Origins of Bridal Henna Traditions

Developing Guidelines on Henna: A Geographical Approach

Anath, the Virgin Warrior Goddess:  Victory,  Henna and Grain

Book with Bridal Henna Traditions

Henna's Significance in Amazigh Id, Circumcision and "Night of the Henna" Celebrations
by Catherine Cartwright-Jones

Videos and Slideshows of Bridal Henna Artists At Work

Step by Step: The Bride's Hand: Artist: Riffat Bahar 14 MB wmv
Watch Riffat Bahar create magnificent patterns on a bride's hand!

"Artist at Work" Kim Brennan (40MB wmv file)
Watch a henna artist create beautiful henna patterns!

Meet the Artist: Kim Brennan  (11 MB wmv file)
Watch the author of Mehndi Masala create one of the lovely patterns from her book!

Learn to be a Bridal Henna Artist

Learn how to mix and apply henna

Teach yourself patterns step by step

Books of Bridal Henna patterns from Tapdancing Lizard

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