by Dipti Desai,
c 2004
professional henna artist in Ahmadabad. Gujarat, India

 You can create different effects over henna by using "stage makeup", regular cosmetics, and by making your own safe temporary pastes.  These cosmetic effects are are water resistant but will wash off with a good scrubbing.  They do not stain the skin!  These are very popular with Gujerati brides and other women who want temporary body art that will match their clothing.

Black-Brown Shaded Mehandi
This is done first in natural henna, then embellished with black and white waterproof cosmetics.


Geru Mehandi
This is first done in natural henna, then  embellished with:
Black, copper and gold waterproof cosmetics
Black, copper and gold cosmetic powders mixed into sugar/rice paste or spiking gel

Hiramoti Mehandi
This is first done in natural henna, then embellished with:
White, colored and  pearlescent waterproof cosmetics
White,  colored, and pearlescent cosmetic powders mixed with sugar/rice paste or spiking gel
Jewels attached with bindi glue, eyelash adhesive or liquid latex

How can you do these beatiful techniques yourself?  Go here!
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