Turkish Henna
The woman with an oud

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The Turkish Bath
Henna and the Ottoman Hamam

Turkoman Henna

Turkish Woman
Henna at the end of the Ottoman Empire

Cord Resist: Turkish Village Henna Techniques

Women at Home
Turkish Night of the Henna late 19th Century

Cord Resist on feet
Turkish Night of the Henna: Symbolism and Practice in the Late 20th Century

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Henna as Textile Dye in Turkey

Patterns for Henna Towels

Henna on Turkish Horses and Dogs

The Flying Peri: bridal henna in Turkey, 1550
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Tulips of Topkapi  Arabesque
Alex Morgan's Tulips of Topkapi
and Jessica McQueen's Arabesque
have beautiful henna patterns
adapted from Ottoman art! 
Available through TapDancing Lizard

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