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Posted by mehndi mama on May 15, 2001 at 21:17:12:

In reply to: Stencils... posted by komangetmy on May 15, 2001 at 03:22:56:

Stencils, or transfers? Stencils have holes that you apply the henna
through. Transfers.....well....transfer the lines you need to follow
for a guideline. I make transfers - here's how:

I use tracing paper - I don't really care what kind. I have a few
pads of Voodoo pure ragg, so that's what I've been using - it holds up
well on well-used designs

And a pen - Skin Scribe surgical marking pen. I've heard from others
that lots of different pens & pencils work, but I didn't feel like
experimenting, and just went with what the tattooist I talked to uses.
I've used hectograph pencils, too, but the lead in those likes to
break before or during sharpening, and I was wasting too much pencil
for it to be worth it.

OK, I trace my design with the pen onto the tracing paper....if it is
symmetrical, or if I don't care if I'm using a mirror image. If
direction DOES matter, I trace first with a pencil, then flip the
tracing paper and trace the pencil lines with my pen. so I've got a
mirror-image of the original.

Usually, I only trace the lines I need to keep the design proportional
- not all the details are needed, or desired.

After I make the transfer, I cut around it as closely as I can to the
design, so it will lay on the skin properly (paper is flat, the body
is not - the paper needs to conform!).

Then, I wash the skin with some astringent cleanser or something else
with alcohol in it (witch-hazel, whatever...), let it dry just
slightly, and then lay the transfer onto the still slightly damp skin.
Press down as well as you can, being sure not to shift the design,
which would cause smudging. Once you get it all pressed down, then
peel the paper back (quickly is good). You should be left ith a nice,
clear outline of whatever it is you'll be doing.

The lines will disappear on their own if covered with henna. If not,
the ink will have to be washed off at a later time - so keep this in
mind when you are deciding which lines are necessary to transfer.

Anyway - HTH.

: Ups... it's me again. Hope you don't mind... :-) My next question
: What is the best way to make stencils??? Which paper should I use?
: And most important: What kind of pencil may I use to delineate the
: design on the paper?


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