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Posted by mark on May 20, 2001 at 07:27:31:

In reply to: Need help for events - hell yes posted by samantha on May 19, 2001 at 23:46:37:

: : Help and info on events...ask away ive done small to big, indoor
: : outdoor.....
: I have only henna'd friends and family so this craft fair coming up
: on Sunday (27th) will be a whole new experience for me; and it is
: also the one of many in the coming months.
: A friend is coming with me as well as i am selling my indian
: braclets etc. My concern are:
: How much henna to make up and take. The fair is on 10am - 4pm I
: want to underestimate and run out nor overestimate and have loads
: left as the next event is not until June 9.
: Do I keep the henna in a cool box and keep it warm or cool? (it's
: indoor event)
: Is it best to have set pics and designs for people to choose from?
: must admit im not much good at drawing "things" (animals cartoon
: charicters and stuff) unless i'm copying a picture. I 'm fine with
: flowers leaves curlies and so on.
: What do you do if the design goes wrong or the people arn't happy.
: What if they go away and it smuges or bits drop of ect do you redo
: give them thier cash back?
: AAGGHH i have so many questions and so little time (and space
: boring you all)
: Any info, advice and other peoples stories of thier FIRST event
: be great.
: I'm very nervous and it's a week away yet what will i be like on
: day?
: Pass the brandy please.

Okay here we go!!!!

1. Selection of designs is a must....Say for instance have three
books on a table all the same and a book for you to work from. Also
try to get a large laminate or two/three of the designs. mount them
and place them onto easels so that they are at eye height. This will
get their attention and you have a book with you to copy from at all

2. If you think cone wise then make up 30g cones....think about
it ....look at how much henna you get for 100g....then think about
how much henna you would use for your largest design. Id suggest
making 3 cones depending on the amount of people...perhaps more.
Waste is unavoidable and i would recommend wasting henna than running

Know thy henna powder - can you mix it and use it? does it need to
sit for a few hours before hand....not all henna does! if it doesnt
then take a bag, bottle of solution and if you run out do the

get a large cup of tea or boiling into your solution
and heat for 3-5 mins....mix up your henna and there you go...your
back in business. This ONLY works with henna that is fast staining.

3. Smudges....You must display an aftercare sheet...get them to read
it BEFORE they leave it to one side and ask them to read
before leaving. I state that if they smudge the whole design,
dependant on circumstances, then i will charge you again. Accidents
do happen but its time/money. If its a little accident then you can
repair...if not....

4. MOst henna will last the event just being kept out of direct

5. Have faith in your work stand by your work at all
costs. It is very rare that a person will complain and its almost
impossilbe that you would make such a mess that they would complain

However some people are quite picky....i wanted it a bit higher than that the right size....oh i dont like it now. Is
somethings that you may get. Do the design that they choose....State
the price in advance so they know what they are spending (you dont
have to take the money straight away) Keep some tape handy to stick
shirt sleeves up in place out the way. Hair bands for the girls are
also useful.

Have a few pics....its important to state that its brown not black
(nt just for ppd reasons) people sometimes assume that it will be
black.....the most irate customes you will get is people that feel
they have been duped...which leads to the pics....have two-three
pics...showing henna development. Paste on, paste of look its orange,
henna after 24 hours...looks its brown.

Sorry people have to be TOLD....dont assume...yes they are
intelligent but they need telling.

Finally....if someone compains like i thought it would be bigger or
something like that....remember you are a business. You dont walk
into a restaurant order something to eat, eat it and then say hmm
well i thought it would be bigger than that.....nor do you say can i
get two for the price of one! Stand by your work people listen to
it...if your confident then the people waiting will get one done. If
you fluff it and try to cover up or give it to them for half the
price or something like that then they will loose faith in you and
probably leave.

Very important thing for shows is to have a helper.....someone that
can speak to people waiting...english people dont like to wait
without some kind of contact. Get the helper to speak to em...sell
it....take the cash and line em up...if they have paid they will wait!

Also very handy getting you a cup of tea when you need it! :)

Any more help....ask away!!!!!


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