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Posted by samantha on July 8, 2001 at 01:11:22:

AAGGHH what a disastrous night. We had been booked for a kids
party. "Hey what the hell" we thought, "never done one of them" AND
Fidgety kids, running around like loonies designs smudging all over
the place. 2 hours we were booked for 7pm until 9pm. 11.30pm we left
and the hostess didn't give us any extra and i felt as if i couldn't
up the price i gave her.
This leads me on to a whole load of questions.

I am limited on time because of my baby. I have to get home no later
than 9:45 ish as this is the time she wishes to go to bed so that
gives me 2 and 3/4 hours.
I want to offer a large selection of designs (mainly Catherine's
book) however some are rather time consuming and i am not a fast
artist (yet) This may cause a problem in getting everyone done as 1
design may take ages not giving me much time for others. If they all
want complicated designs then i have a problem as i may not fit
everyone in in the allotted time. Any suggestions?

Pricing strategy is something that has come up a lot. At the moment
it is a minimum of 3 people each wanting a 10 ($14 ish) design. If i
make over a certain amount the hostess has hers free. Would this be
better charging on an hourly rate and just fitting in as many as
possible for the set time?

Sealers - what a nightmare. I am using USA NS with moulding latex
over the top. (goes on white - cures transparent) However tonight 2
designs went sort of a festering green colour. Is this because the NS
or the henna was not fully dry (the kids put it on themselves under
instruction). Is this a problem? if left can it cause problems? (as
in a reaction) We asked them to pick it all off and we reapplied
the whole lot again.

ANY suggestions will be appreciated



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