Old, weak henna with a purpose.

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Posted by Maureen on July 8, 2001 at 03:37:15:

I refuse to throw away anything so I have been playing around with
designs that mixes the results of older henna or those resulting in
weak colors with those resulting in the deep deep browns, burgandy
and near blacks. The results are purposefuly multi-shade henna
designs ranging from light orange to tans to deep tans to those deep
deep browns/burgandy-black. I am liking the results. I have to do
this in as many stages as shades of brown results. Right now I am
using two to four depending on the design. I am wondering if anyone
else is working with designs suitable for the multiple shades and
tints. The designs working just with the positive/negative space
aren't really the best for this but can be adapted. Is anyone
further along with adapting designs than I am. I am just beginning
this and would be real interested in communicating with anyone
playing with their henna in similar ways. I am sure others are. I
would certainly be glad to hear from you and perhaps exchange some
designs or ideas about process. It takes me as many days as
different shades to do this. I know that there probably is a faster
way...even perhaps a way to block out one section to protect it from
the henna that will go deeper that is often layed right next to it.

I am finding that I have to start with the lightest shade and work my
way to the darkest. When I put a henna that results in a lighter
shade on top of a darker hennaed design it appears to take away some
of the darker stain. Can't understand why. Perhaps someone knows.

But the results are really interesting. I got inspired to do this
while looking at a picture that was painted in shades of browns,
oranges and tans...just like the results I have gotten from various

Just something else to do with that old or weak henna that was
seeming worthless in the search for the deep rich colors. I also
discovered that the "wasted" henna powder and paste left over from
all of that sifting (the stuff with the straw and whatever) when made
into a thick biscuit like paste can be preserved and used when making
these multi-shade designs. I roll it into balls and press into
circles, make triangles etc....press the shapes onto my skin...wrap
the area...and sleep on it. The result is great background shapes in
lighter shades on which I later apply a darker and deeper henna.
Hope someone else is playing similarly. Let me know.



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